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* Eric Rogers Testifies In Murder Case Of Edward Wycoff For Murder Of Paul Rogers And Julie Rogers

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A Sacramento man accused of murdering his sister and brother-in-law in their El Cerrito home in 2006 told a Contra Costa County Superior Court judge in Martinez today that the slain couple’s children have stayed out of trouble since “the parents were eliminated”.Edward Wycoff, 40, has been charged with two counts of murder with enhancements for the use of a knife and a wheelbarrow handle in the Jan. 31, 2006, killings of Paul and Julie Rogers at their home at 1467 Rifle Range Road in El Cerrito. He has also been charged with the special-circumstance allegation of committing multiple murders.The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office is seeking the death penalty for Wycoff, who is serving as his own attorney in the trial.Two of the couple’s three children were home when Wycoff, a 300 pound man who stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, allegedly smashed through a window shortly before 4:30 a.m., entered the home and attacked their parents, stabbing them each multiple times and bludgeoning them with a wheelbarrow handle, Deputy District Attorney Mark Peterson said. Peterson said Wycoff was wearing night-vision goggles, black clothing and a motorcycle helmet as a disguise. He had also allegedly attached a braid of his deceased mother’s hair to the helmet to make it look like he had long hair.The children, Eric Rogers, who was 17 at the time, and his 12-year-old sister hid in the girl’s bedroom while the attack was happening, and Eric Rogers called 911.When the house went quiet, the girl crept out of the bedroom and found her father lying face down in a pool of blood on the floor of the master bedroom with a knife stuck in his back. She got a towel and held it to the wound to try to stop the bleeding while her brother continued to talk to the police dispatcher, Peterson said.Just before he died, Paul Rogers told his children he loved them and, when police finally arrived, told officers that Wycoff had killed him.Police found Julie Rogers lying on the ground outside near the family’s pool. She had been beaten and stabbed multiple times and died of her injuries at the hospital.Peterson alleged during opening statements Tuesday that Wycoff killed the victims because he didn’t like the way they were raising their children and he didn’t like their liberal political beliefs. He also believed his sister was going to sell their deceased parents’ house where Wycoff lived and was upset he hadn’t been invited to celebrate Christmas with the family.According to Peterson, Wycoff had planned to kill both parents and then adopt their children.Both victims were attorneys. Paul Rogers worked in private practice while Julie Rogers spent most of her time raising their children.She was also active in the El Cerrito community and served on the city’s Planning Commission.During his opening statement, Wycoff said that it wasn’t just Christmas that he had been excluded from; Julie and Paul Rogers didn’t invite him to their house for Thanksgiving either, even though it was the year his father died. And they didn’t celebrate his birthday, which comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas.He also said the evidence in the case would show a lot about what happened, but “I don’t think the evidence will show why. The evidence won’t explain why it had to happen,” Wycoff said.Eric Rogers, who was called to testify this morning, said that he woke up to the sound of a fight in the hallway. When he looked out his bedroom door, he saw a large figure dressed in black attacking his parents. His parents had told him that if a burglar ever broke into the house, he should hide and call police, but as he was turning to go back into his bedroom, he saw his little sister looking out her bedroom door across the hallway, so he went into her room to hide with her.When the house went quiet, his sister exited first and Eric Rogers followed. He saw blood all over the hallway and followed a trail of blood into his parents’ bedroom, where he found his father.The children still didn’t know where their mother was when they were taken to the police station to give statements. They were told later that both parents had died, Eric Rogers said.”Hello Eric,” Wycoff said in court today when it came his turn to cross-examine him.Eric Rogers didn’t answer, but turned to face him.”How’s your life been since all this has happened?” Wycoff said.”Incredibly difficult,” Eric Rogers said.”Hmm,” Wycoff said. “Didn’t you think it was strange that after my dad died everyone was invited over for Christmas but me?””I wasn’t aware of that,” Eric Rogers said. “I wasn’t there for Christmas either.”Wycoff asked Eric Rogers if he had been “having problems with the law” and “getting into trouble with drugs and alcohol” before his parents were killed.Peterson objected to the question, saying it was irrelevant.Judge John Kennedy asked Wycoff if he wanted to explain how the question was relevant.Wycoff said he was asking the question because he believed “the parents were raising the kids wrong.””I think that Eric hasn’t gotten into any trouble since the parents were eliminated,” Wycoff told the judge.Kennedy ruled that Wycoff’s line of questioning was irrelevant.The trial is continuing this afternoon in Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez.

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  • Hey Pete , what court house and what room is this trail being held at ?? I would really like to attend this trail as well ..and what date and time is the next hearing on this case ?? this info will be greatly appreciated !

    Thanks mike

  • I was present at the trial this week. I don’t understand why this crime is being tried. This idiot gave a full confession to police, detailed his entire premeditaded plan to slaughter these poor individuals, why hasn’t there been a plea bargain. The purpose for a trial is to determin culpability.

    Secondly, when is it a good idea to represent yourself in a capitol double murder case? Even if I were a criminal lawyer I wouldn’t have taken this option. I suppose this could be grounds for an appeal. This man is doing everything that needs to be done to get himself a first class ticket to the death chamber. I can’t wait to hear his case next week. I can’t imagine it taking more than a couple of hours to present his defense. I figure about 1hr and 45min of noncensical babbel and about 15min of actually questioning his wittness if he has one. Lastly he doesn’t appear to be too bright,he has the mental capacity of a 10 year old. Shame on him for his actions and for putting the loved ones through a horrible horrible trial. Fry brother fry, Go away, there is no need for you to be among us humans.


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