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* Phat Vin Le 20-Year-Old Oakland Man Identified As Fatal Shooting On East 23rd Street

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Phat Vin Le has been identified by the Oakland Police Department as the man who was fatally shot near the 2100 block of East 23rd Street on Saturday night.At about 6:40 p.m. Saturday, police received a call reporting a man had been shot and killed, Officer Jeff Thomason said.Officers located Le in his vehicle. The 20-year-old Oakland man was transported to Highland Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Thomason said.No suspects have been arrested.Anyone with information is asked to contact the homicide section at (510) 238-3821.

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  • RIP Phat

    When i first heard that you were shot and killed I couldn’t believe it. I was telling myself that someone like you, who was always working, going to college and playing baseball will never get involved in any problems….. But I guess that wasn’t the case when your life was taken away. I still think of those days when we used to baseball and hang out with each other right after high school. Now that your gone we won’t be able to make more memories. I’m sorry that I couldn’t show up to your funeral, I was up in Chicago at school doing my thing while you were doing yours. I want to send my condolences to all the other friends that cared about you and to your family as well…… I still can’t believe your gone……

  • I hope those guys who did this to you get some hard core time. Phat definitely did not deserve this. R.I.P

  • let me tell the person who did this to my friend phat le.i dont kno what yall got against him,he didnt do shit to yall.he a nice guy love to smile everytime i see him.we kick it on my bday,i got respect for phat of the good friend i ever had.karma aint always a bad thing.i hope karma will get you for doin this to him.much love and respect to phat family.we miss you home boy.

    RIP phat le.

  • R.I.P Phat

    you will always be remember! even tho we dont talk very much but you were always my good friend! i going to miss you man! Your someone that i will always remember when i see your dad…
    I will keep you in my prayers and your family. i was always thinking how you could remember me when i was small but didnt know much about you but im glad that we got to know each other. I hope the police would find those &*^%@ that shot you THEY WILL PAY ONE DAY FOR WHAT THEY DONE TO YOU!
    aight rest in peace dude RIP PHAT 6/10/09!

  • R.I.P Phat
    You will be missed very much so, especially in the Goped scene. My prayers go out to Phat’s family as they work through this trying time.

  • please do email me too as well as many of us would love to pay our respects and condolences to many of the Le families…we all misses and love you dearly my son Phat…..i always remembered his smiling face…and always asked me to cook food for him when he stopped by the house…he would always said…”mom..i’m coming over..can you cook me some food..” especially the noodles

    [email protected]

  • R.I.P Phat. Its terrible to see you go in such a horrible manner. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this to you. I will always remember the good high school days. You were such a great person and will never be forgotten. I send my condolences to your family. R.I.P.

  • phat had a heart of gold. allways true and allways told it how it was. you will not be forgot. i hope some rip shirts will be made i will purchase afew. he was to young for this to happen. i will keep phat and his family in my prayers.

    And may his killer Rest.In.Piss i hope they are caught and spend the rest of there life in jail. if a suspect is charged i will be at every court hearing

    if there are any shirts made please email me at [email protected]

  • Phat!! WTF doo

    I’m gonna miss you we were suppose to hook up soon so you could take a look at some parts I had.

    You were hella chill and I enjoyed the road trips we had. You were a good friend and a brother…everyone misses youu!! We all love you phat

    I hope you bastards get what you deserve

    rip doo


    like Andrew said please email me too on any funeral info
    I’m a friend of his as well

    [email protected]

  • Phat! I love you brother! And it hurts me so much that you passed. And to his family please give me info on his funeral im his friend in the goped community thanks [email protected]

  • Rip Phat Vin Le…My Brother, my friend, my road trip buddy…Phat was always smiling and he never seriously got mad at anyone or about anything for long. He was only 20 years old, he went to school, worked, played baseball, worked out at the gym I work at…he was always at my house asking for food, watching baseball & football games with us, always there burning cds. He did not deserve any of this. He was the heart of our group, the lil kid who always accept food and never stop smiling. Who ever did this will pay, I hope to they get what is coming to them. Phat was a very loving and funny kid, who was ready to go camping, tahoe, and las vegas with us. His 21st was only 3 months away and ya’ll monsters took him away from us. I hope that krama catch up to u….we love you phat and u are forever in our heart.. please look out for all of us who still live in this cruel world. Our Angel

    – Mary & Adler

  • i was shocked when i heard that he got shot and heart was in pains…and i told my son as well as texted and called my daughters of what had happened to their best buddy Phat.. Phat was a great person..friendly..respectful..generous..kind and funny guy..he will always be remember..and he will always be my adopted son..i considered as adopted son..because i’ve known him since he was in 3rd grade…he’s my daughter’s best friend..they are like brothers and sisters..and he always called me “mom”..when ever he stopped by my house he would called and asked if i’ve prepared any food for him…his favorite food in my house was bbq and noodles along with sticky rice…and i would always prepared it just for him…he has given me a birthday card for my birthday..and i will always cherished it..and i want to send all my condolences to his parents…siblings and relatives and to all his friends and those who has known him.. rest in peace my son Phat….we the Chao family members will miss you dearly….
    whoever did this to him will soon pay for their dues..

    with loves and respects..

    The Chao Family

  • RIP Phat, you will be remember. I will pray for your safe passage and include my condolences to your family. You were loved by many, and a friend to many. I don’t understand the situation at all … …

  • Phat Le was a great person. He was like a cousin to me. Educated, college bound, hard worker ,an athlete and a friend to many was taken away. This was a tragedy and a horrific way to die. The person who did this were monsters. they had no sympathy, remorse or compassion. Karma doesn’t sleep. I hope someone could tell the police anything. Man is evil.

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