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* Yphet Dancy Wanted for Parole Violation in San Jose

ID #09-255

The California Department of Corrections is currently seeking Yphet Dancy on a warrant charging him with Parole Violation.  Agents report that they conducted a home visit with him and determined he was under the influence of narcotics. While submitting to the test he told the agent the test result would be positive for narcotics.  When backup sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, Dancy  ran out the back door and began hopping fences.  While running away he accosted a couple on the street and stole their cell phone.  Dancy was released from prison after being convicted of domestic violence. He has a history of violence against a police officer, resisting arrest,, felony evasion and firing a gun into a dwelling.  He should be considered dangerous. He is believed to be in the Alum Rock and White area, selling drugs and stolen Ipods.

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