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* Rodney Frazier Arrested in Fairfield for Alleged Armed Robbery and Home Invasion

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Fairfield police arrested a man this afternoon for pistol-whipping one person, stealing a purse from a woman and forcing his way into another apartment where a mother and her young son live. The woman and her 4-year-old son escaped and were not injured, Lt. Bob Bunting said. According to police, Rodney Frazier, 42, of Fairfield, pistol whipped one victim and stole a woman’s purse in an apartment in the 2200 block of Peachtree Drive around 10:30 a.m.   Police set up a perimeter around an apartment in the 700 block of Pacific Avenue where the suspect fled, Lt. Bob Bunting said.   Police learned Frazier, allegedly armed with a handgun, forced his way into the second apartment occupied by the mother and her son. Police eventually made contact with Frazier and he was taken into custody without anyone being injured, Bunting said. Police found the gun and purse in the second apartment and Frazier was identified by the victims, Bunting said.  Frazier was arrested for armed robbery, burglary, felony threats, being a felon in possession of a firearm and use of a firearm in commission of a robbery, Bunting said. Copyright © 2009 by Bay City News, Inc. — Republication, Rebroadcast or any other Reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.

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  • Amen and amen! Would you take the time to send me some links which guve more information about all of the issues you mentioned above? I would be most grateful.

  • Just one more good reason to protect and fight for our second amendment rights;

    One more reason to train in safe firearms use and self defense;

    One more reason to stop dangerous laws being pushed by many ignorant law makers and anti gun lobbyists which would require a person to retreat from an attacker, home invasion/car jacking criminal threat…instead of taking a stand to protect ourselves, our loved ones and property;

    One more reason to demand from the liberal biased main stream media to report the truth and the facts and stop their bias lies and attacks against law abiding American citizens and sportsman. It is ONLY when liberal journalists are directly affected by violent crimes themselves will they begin to understand that proper legal firearms and self defense training and gun ownership could have protected them, their loved ones and valuable property…EVEN THEN DO THE FAIL TO LEARN THE HARD WAY.

    Wake up America! The Second Amendment…America’s Original Homeland Security. Will we allow the United Nations to dictate our laws and endanger American citizens, our national security and our sacred documents? Attacking law abiding Americans who defend their lives, families, property and businesses from the violent scum of the earth should be a crime in itself!

    Had the Connecticut doctor whose beautiful wife and two precious daughters who were terrorized in their own home had owned a licenced firearm, learned proper self defence techniques instead of maybe being anti-gun supporters…they might not have been left to burn to death as the father was brutally beaten and left for dead at the hands of two violent paroled felons.

    If liberal bleeding heart news media, politicians, judges and parole boards strengthened crime laws and punishments, had they followed through on laws and punishments already in place, had they themselves honored the constitutional laws of our land and control illegal immigration…how many innocent lives across this nation could have been saved?

    Given the economic crisis we now face “together” and judges/parol boards giving early release to felons, with the unemployment rate now at 10% (more like 18% if you add it up correctly)… start counting the rapid increase of news reports on home and business invasions, robberies, violent crimes, car jackings and so on, even in normally peaceful neighborhoods. Whats more dangerous than that? Lay-off’s of brave city, town and State law enforcement officers due to budget cutbacks created by inept, ignorant and greedy politicians who cannot budget their own check books!

    And whats more dangerous than even that? Its the disarming of RESPONSIBLE LAW ABIDING American citizens and hurting firearms and ammunition companies with threats of yet more rediculous legislation, laws, fees and massive taxes.

    Facts are that when anti-gun/anti-Constitution supporters like Mayor Bloomberg disarm responsible law abiding American citizens, violent crime will rise. Just look at Chicago’s rediculous laws.

    Support the NRA/ILA, Support the Second Amendment.

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