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* Update-Arrested-Christopher Williamson Wanted For Alleged Parole Violation

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ID #09-206

-ARRESTED-According to police, Williamson was a passenger in a vehicle with his friends. Officers conducted a routine traffic stop for violation of a vehicle code.  During their investigation they discovered Williamson was a parolee at large and he  was arrested for the outstanding warrant.

The California Department of Corrections is currently seeking Christopher Williamson on a warrant charging him with Parole Violation.  Agents report that Williamson was released from prison after being convicted of Narcotics Violations.  He has allegedly absconded parole supervision and is now considered a parolee at large.  He is also wanted for evading Santa Cruz police in a high speed pursuit. He allegedly escaped on foot after the pursuit ended. Agents believe he may still be hiding out in Santa Cruz County.

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