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* Update-Justin Wallace Tracked Down and Arrested by Campbell Police

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Seeking Justin Wallace on a No Bail Allowed warrant charging him Kidnapping and Assault.



The Campbell Police Department is currently seeking Justin Wallace on a No Bail Allowed warrant charging him Kidnapping and Assault.  Detective Dan Livingston reports that Wallace and four accomplices allegedly confronted a victim at Fry’s Electronics in Campbell. The victim fled from the suspects who caught him across the street and dragged him into a van which was seen on surveillance cameras. Wallace then allegedly beat the victim severely in the van with a weapon. The suspects said  they were going to take the Victim into the hills and kill him. Fortunately the Victim was able to jump out of the vehicle taken to a hospital. According to Detective Livingston, Wallace and his accomplices committed another home invasion and kidnapping in San Jose earlier in the day.  The vehicle used during both kidnappings was Wallace’s 1999 Plymouth Voyager gray in color. The van was later found burned in Patterson, California.  Wallace knows he is wanted and was last seen in the area of Capitol and McKee in East San Jose. Wallace may now be driving an older black Honda Civic and wearing makeup to cover tattoos on his forehead.


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  • stay up bro i grew up with you u wer der for good and bad yea you did hurt somebody in my family but that was the past but wat ever bro ur like family to me stay up take care and keep your head up bro much love and much respects doug damb never thought u wer gona get caught but shit happens

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  • don’t tell me you thought you had a future with this dude!
    that’s why he is in this situation, he is a user. hope you
    learned, sorry it had to be the hard way! you should of have
    turned him in. it is a thin line between love and hate! just
    another victim of his trash!

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  • Well, this aint good! By reading the story, you have 9 counts against you and they will all be gang enhanced! Was it worth it? Only you can tell if it was. A normal human being would say, hell no, it aint worth giving up my kid. paybacks, etc, etc. etc. Like (I tell everyone, make your bed, now you gonna sleep in it, make the game, now you gonna play. I feel for your family because after everything is said and done, your homies are gonna be nowhere to be seen and the only ones who might, better yet, will give a rats @#$, is your family. Your family are the ones who will also hang their heads in shame and will give a nickle to get their hands on you and kick your royal #$% and that is only for what your going to put your kid thru, let alone your momma, your pops, your bros, your sis, etc, etc. Have fun while your free, you are looking at life in prison and that is no joke, no more &^%, no more homegirls coming your way. But wait, there is *&^% and homegirls in prison, you will definitely have to change your name! My guess is that within 6 months, you will be with all your other homies awaiting trial and ratting out every one of them!

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