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* Stewart Skuba and Kenneth Clamp Arrested for Alleged Murder of Elias Sorokin

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Two 29-year-old Santa Cruz men have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a missing Los Angeles man and police are searching for a third suspect in what is now being treated as a homicide investigation, Santa Cruz police Capt. Steve Clark said today.  Stewart Skuba and Kenneth Clamp were arrested Thursday for their alleged involvement in what police believe was the kidnapping and robbery of Elias Sorokin, who was last seen on July 20, according to Clark.  Adam Hunt, a 29-year-old Watsonville man, is still outstanding, Clark said.  Investigators believe Sorokin was kidnapped and robbed during a marijuana deal at a home in the 200 block of Felix Street in Santa Cruz, Clark said. Based in part on evidence recovered from the home, authorities are treating the case as a homicide investigation, and are continuing to work to locate Sorokin. He was last seen on July 20 in Santa Cruz. He missed business meetings in Los Angeles the next day, and friends and family have been unable to reach him. Someone tried unsuccessfully to access his checking account at businesses in Santa Cruz and Watsonville during the past week. Sorokin’s charred truck was also found late Tuesday, according to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities responded to reports of a burning vehicle along Smith Grade Road near Empire Grade in Bonny Doon around midnight on Tuesday. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the 2007 Toyota Tacoma belonged to Sorokin, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Lansdowne. The charred truck was seized and is being examined by the crime scene investigation unit, according to Lansdowne. Skuba was arrested for kidnapping with the intent to commit robbery, while Clamp was arrested for a parole violation, but is believed to have some involvement with Sorokin’s disappearance, Clark said. Hunt is also believed to be directly involved in the kidnapping and robbery, and there is a $1 million warrant for his arrest, according to Clark, who said he did not know if Hunt is armed, but he is believed to be dangerous. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Hunt is encouraged to call 911. The sheriff’s office, along with the Santa Cruz and Watsonville police departments, are assisting the Los Angeles Police Department, which is leading the investigation.

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  • I can’t believe that there are so many people that have fallen for Stewarts or his family’s BS and phone boloney cons. He has robbed my friends and abandoned his loved ones many times. His only child died because his methed-up girlfriend freaked-out. I couldn’t think of more of a con man than Stewart’s father! Ask him where all the rare coins went in the divorce. Could Stewart have done this? I’m not sure, but one could believe it! He is capable of anything and blaming anyone else for his troubles when he is methed-up!

  • kase may havedone alot of things wrong in his life but would not steep this low. he is a very caring man he mite come off like a hard head because of who he is but your wrong he is a good guy. i love him alot and would do anything for him and i believe he is innocent until proven guilty. i know my uncle wouldnt do such a unhumane thing to another. if all you out there have a problem i would be glad to deal with it.

  • If this is so… then why is there so much evidence leading right to his door, more specifically to his garage? I have heard stories about Stewart from people whom worked in his line of work, in which you probably new nothing about. I feel as if Stewart at some point forgot about his morals, fell into a roll of being the victim, found it easier to make excuses for why he did the things he did, instead of taking responsibility. People are not always whom they seem to be, they make bad decisions then worse, they fall into a habit of making up stories to validate what they are doing is right, until they no longer see truth. Everything that happened that night, I believe, was never meant to happen, but it did, because non of the people involved were capable of making good decisions, because of this, Elias is dead. His friends miss him everyday, I am one of them.

  • I’ve known stewart since 2002. He is not capable of this. I know his brother and dad quite well, and stewart doesn’t have the heart for it.

    This guy isn’t dead – he has 5 known passports with different names, and is out of the country.

  • I have known Stewart Skuba since the summer season of 2005…..He ended up living with me and my family for a little more than a year while he was working to get back on his feet financially. I have spent the Christmas and New Years holiday’s with him and let me just say this much…..I am almost certain he is innocent. His one and only child which was a boy…..was killed at the very young age of only SIX MONTHS OLD! Stew knows from 1st hand experience WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE A LOVED ONE RIPPED AWAY FROM YOU IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE….HE IS THE BIGGEST HEARTED, MOST CARING MAN THAT I HAVE EVER MET! He won’t even return a punch in his own defense when some one has punched him….he avoids conflict and miss-haps generally any way he can! THERE MUST BE SOME SORT OF MISTAKEN IDENITY IN THIS CASE I AM POSITIVE OF IT! How can he be charged and convicted of homicide when there has been no body nor any solid hard evidence proving he was the killer? Some one please answer this for me!!!

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