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* UPDATE-ARRESTED-Fremont Police Need to Identify This Alleged HSBC Bank Robber

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ID #09-117 & ID #09-134 & 09-199

UPDATE-ARRESTED-On 5-28-09, Daphne Elizabeth Cole (DOB: 8/13/63) was arrested in Hayward for a series of bank
robberies in the East Bay. Cole robbed seven banks (3 in Fremont, 2 in Hayward, 1 in Newark and 1 in Union City) between 4-2-09 and 5-21-09.

ID #09-199

The Fremont Police Department is currently seeking to identify the woman in this photograph.  According Detective Michael Tegner that on April 21 2009, this suspect entered the HSBC bank located at 39410 Fremont Blvd. The suspect told the teller that she wanted to open up an account because her husband had an account at the bank. The teller asked for ID and the suspect pulled out a handgun from her purse. She told the teller, “I have a gun. I need money. I don’t want to hurt anyone. After receiving the money from the teller she told the teller in the window next to the first teller, “I need more.” The second teller gave the suspect more money. This is the fourth bank robbery this suspect has committed since April 1 2009 (two in Fremont, one in Hayward and one in Newark.)  The getaway car is described as a 1993 to 1998 white Jeep Grand Cherokee. Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 if you know the name of this woman or have any information that can help solve these crimes.

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