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* Former University Of California At Berkeley Football Player Noah Smith Was Sentenced To Four Years In State Prison For Sexually Assaulting Two Female Students

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Former University of California at Berkeley football player Noah Smith was sentenced today to four years in state prison for sexually assaulting two female students.Prosecutor Patrick Moriarty asked that Smith, 23, who was a wide receiver for UC Berkeley, be sentenced to the maximum term of 17 years for his crimes, but Alameda County Superior Court Judge Thomas Reardon said four years was an appropriate sentence, in part because Smith didn’t have a prior record.On June 16, jurors convicted Smith of attempting to rape a woman in March 2005 and of forcible rape and forced oral copulation for an incident on May 7, 2007.During Smith’s trial, two other women testified that Smith had also sexually assaulted them.Smith, who’s from Lake View in Southern California, was a high school All-American but only saw limited action at Cal.According to Cal’s Web site, Smith only played in six games in 2004 and four games each in 2005 and 2006, catching a total of six passes for 89 yards and scoring one touchdown.

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  • I played on the same football team with noah and am not shocked this happen…

  • Wow! You know I am speaking from a life of experience to those who say because they knew him, he couldn’t possibly done this. Is there anyone else you know couldn’t possibly commit a crime because you know them? Well I hope you don’t have kids. Because you may say they are lying on your man just because you know him. Wake up. You will never know what anyone is totally in a lifetime. People change. Things are hidden. Just because that person didn’t come at you like that didn’t mean he wasn’t interest in someone else in that way. And the rape kit concluded forcible sex. Marks around her throat and unusual bruising in the vaginal area. Something that is unusual with regular consentuous sex. Just because she slept with other guys, didn’t mean she wanted him that way. Wow, that is why children and other people don’t talk. The minds of some of you are ridiculous. You have to expect the unexpected and pray that you never get caught up in this. Their mothers and friends will come at you the same way. Satan is busy and their is no perspective of persons. Those that are weak in sin are the easiest targets. Rather it is true or not. God Got This Thing! There is a reason behind everything. Don’t be so quick to say that everyone is lying on one person. Have it ever occured that there maybe some truth to what others may have said? Inspite of who you know?

  • Just because he didn’t have a previous record, he only got 4 years? Unbelievable. He has sexually assaulted numerous women and the system didn’t respond. As a lawyer, this makes me sick.

    To the person (likely female) who continues to say she knew him and that he would never do wrong – think again. Most rape victims are raped by people they already know and trust, which explains how entered her apartment without force. Forced sex is rape. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a lover, spouse, or boyfriend.

  • I recently heard about this on tv and I don’t dought he could have possibly done this and do believe he may have a problem. When he was in high school he would always brag about his indiscretions along with other receivers in the locker room. It is a shame because he was very talented.

  • Does anyone know what type of evidence other than the testimony of these ladies? I heard that there was a rape kit taken from the supposed victim, but wondering what the result was!


  • Nope? You are very correct in the things that you have said. All these people talking there shit about Noah, were not there at the trial, I was! Brandi story is falling apart. She is a sad person. Maybe you can help?? And Woman that claims to have known him for years.. Are you obsessed with him, because you are all over websites talking about ” i have known him since he was 12″ Do you have anything better to do than google him. Worry about you, and leave Noah alone. Hes not with you so why concern your thoughts with him.

  • Ive heard stories from guyz personal about Brandi(the girl who said she was raped). All of whom have had relations with her and im sorry i dont believe that she was rapped. her story seems to completely fall apart when she said that when he came over he went right into her room. he must of been there before just to walk into her house and into her bedroom without her feeling threatend.

  • are yall serious he raped those girls and got 4 years he should of got more time he knew what he was doing he’s not retarded he needs to pay for all he’s done to those girls

  • First of all, i must say that it doesnt mean a thing about knowing a person from high school. I know Noah personally….. yes personally if you know what i mean. He has always had a problem with sex since he was 12!!!!! It didnt occur to me that he could be so aggressive to women when he got older…. but its not a shock nor a surprise that he was convicted for such a crime. He has a problem with sex and needs some help. I hope and pray that he seeks that in prison. I wish his parents could have seen that signs of Noahs ilness before all of this happened and got him some help!!!! All of this is so sad.

  • I don’t believe this is true… I knew this kid when he was in high school. He was always honest, hard working, did I say honest. Noah would never would have done this. Has anyone one looked into the idea that He had a girlfriend. he May have had consential sex with this girl. then dumped her. She could have gotten vindective and lied along with her girl friends. This is ludacrist and as far as I am concerned a complete misscarrage of justice. I wonder if he would have been treated the same way if he wasn’t black and a football player???? I hope he appeals—something is wrong here!!!!!

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