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* Swim Coach Andrew King Arrested Again For New Sex Crimes Against Children Going Back To 1970’s

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UPDATE Jan 29,2010 Click Here Andrew King Former Head Coach Of The San Jose Aquatics Swim Team Convicted Of Child Molestation Gets 40 Years In Prison

* Andrew King Former Head Coach Of The San Jose Aquatics Swim Team Pleaded No Contest To 20 Felony Child Molestation Charges Click For Current News

A 62-year-old swim coach who already faces charges for allegedly having inappropriate relations with a child was arrested again May 11 on new charges of committing lewd acts with children dating back to the late 1970s, San Leandro police Detective Derrel Ramsey said today. Andrew King was arrested again after an investigation by San Leandro police into possible inappropriate sexual contact between King and several additional victims over the past 30 years, Ramsey said.King turned himself in to San Jose police on April 2 after an initial complaint was made to the Police Department about inappropriate relations with a 14-year-old female swimmer, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.Ramsey, who was conducting an investigation into several separate accusations of inappropriate sexual contact between King and underage victims, discovered King had already been arrested and contacted San Jose police about the additional accusations.King, who was out on $100,000 bail, was again taken into custody while on his way to court May 11 for a hearing related to the San Jose charge. He is being held without bail on more than 15 counts of lewd acts with a child, according to Ramsey.King has coached swimming for more than 30 years at several locations in Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa and Stanislaus counties, as well as in the state of Washington and in Canada, Ramsey said.The job requires traveling to many swim meets, so “a lot of the incidents were taking place on the road,” Ramsey said.King apparently had close ties to the families of the victims, who ranged in age from  10 to 17 and lived primarily in the Bay Area, according to Ramsey.Ramsey was contacted in February by one of the victims, and started an investigation in February that has merged with San Jose’s investigation.Because the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office already has one case filed against King, Ramsey said it will be handling all the other cases as well.A bail hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Department 43 of the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice where King’s defense attorney will ask that bail be set, according to Mike Fletcher, supervisor of the child sexual assault team with the district attorney’s office.Ramsey said more victims might come forward, and that anyone with additional information should contact him at (510) 577-3244 or San Jose police Detective Eric Michel at (408) 277-4102.

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  • Irv,
    You are pathetic. For all the above mentioned reasons and SO many more. End of story.

  • How can anybody defend this type of behavior? I really think his defenders could probably be
    codefendants. They seem waaaay to eager to come to his defense. Any grown man who is putting his hands on 14 year old girls or boys needs to be encased under the prison.

  • Hey Irv boy;

    “A good and honorable man” does not have inappropriate sexual relations with children for over 30 years. This man deserves to die in prison for what he has done to these girls.

  • Irv?
    Do you honestly think that over the course of 30 YEARS that Andy King was innocently giving “massages” only because his swimmers BEGGED him to do it for them??? Well, I can tell you this, I am one of the current or recent swimmers of Andy King(whichever way you want to look at the situation) and I can honestly say that I recieved two so called “massgaes” from Andy and neither were because I asked him. Furthermore, I find your comments of Andy King did absolutely nothing wrong is only shown by a lack of intelligence and ignorance to the fact the Andy was a Predetor. He is good at what he did. And to believe that the media is just using this to make up a scandal just to make a quick buck? Take this to heart…. Do you really think that if this was a hoax, so teenage girl crying out for attention, that it would be over by now and that they would not have more women over a period of thirty years, that in your opinion are just out to get Andy, are coming forward with more crimes than you Irv can count on your own two hands.
    So, I leave you with a prayer. Aprayer that you will open your eyes to realize what Andy King really is, a sexual predetor.

  • I am a female and ex swimmer and water polo player. I started in middle school and ended after college. I have only had male coaches.

    Shame on the disgusting pedophiles but please remember that not all male coaches are bad. My parents always told me there is a difference between good touching and bad touching and to let them know if I ever felt weird or uncomfortable with any adult.

  • I was a victim of Don King 28 years ago. Many of us came forward after his initial arrest in 2007. I provided the police with body markings, front and back, which are covered by underwear. Don King’s attorney negotiated with prosecutors to exclude testimony of victims outside the statute of limitations.

    Even though I provided ironclad information to the police and the press, people have still come out to defend him. Skillful pedophiles like Don King and Andrew King are successful because they groom the parents as well as the kids. Det. Shimada of the Santa Clara PD states that these perpetrators are the ones you least expect who are well liked in the community.

    The fact that a young 14 year-old girl confided in her pastor about inappropriate touching, speaks volumes to people with experience in child abuse. I am so proud of her for bringing his behavior to light. As victims we often believe we are the only ones. We feel embarrassed and ashamed; therefore, in most cases, we remain silent. Finally, when one courageous person comes forward, we all come forward with a crushing force.

    Even as a victim myself I might be very cautious about a single victim, but 11 women have now come forward which is far too many to be coincidence or made up. If women were in the habit of making up this kind of thing, about 90% of the male population would be under suspicion. I had 8 male coaches over the years. 7 were good men and 1 was a pedophile rapist who raped me when I was 16 years-old. His name is Don King.

    I am so thankful the laws in CA are so aggressive against pedophilia. There is very strong potential Andrew King will remain in jail for the rest of his life. In the state of OR, on the other hand, the statute of limitations is very short. As a result, Don King is walking around free as a bird. There is solace for the victims in knowing he has finally been publicly exposed for raping young girls age 14-17 and fondling them as young as age 12. He never considered what this information might do to his wife, son and step-daughters. Apparently, it has been hell for him and he only wishes for the humiliation to end. As one of countless victims who have come forward I will only say there is no end in sight.

    Girls, if you are a victim of sex abuse by an acquaintance such as a coach or family friend, tell someone! Call the police and report it, even if it happened 30 years ago. You will be empowered and you will be surprised at the result of your bravery.

  • Irv,
    One thing:
    Pedophiles thrive on naive people like you so they can use you as a character witness.
    Maybe the police should investigate you since you ” have known him for many years” and feel the need to defend him. Especially since we all know how young one of Andy’s wives was when their relationship began and then when they got married… That wife’s parents were PISSED!

  • Hey Irv,
    I have a problem with a few things you mention in your post above. First off, you state,”I have seen young women literally beg him for massage and physical attention. I have seen parents encourage this activity. I have seen Andy refuse to comply with their advances, repeatedly.” he has likely made approaches to all these girls and they see each other get attention and he is playing to each of them to make them jealous of one another. How naive are you? Isn’t this behavior inappropriate toward underage girls? The fact of the matter is this: You say no intercourse or sexual conduct yet how can you possibly say this. Were you in the room? We don’t know as adults what our best friends do in their own personal bedrooms. No violence you say? This is not the issue. these were not violent rapes… this is much worse. This is the work of a pedophile! Methodical and planned out attention. Pedophiles THRIVE on making the victims and their families FRIENDS that trust the pedophile COMPLETELY. “Being a friend”. When you have young girls that are now grown women (over the course of 30 years all come forward) this is a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR that is indeed FACTUAL. It is not the work of 3 girls on my space. You state: “petty moralists”. How is it that being a petty moralist when a 30-35 year career pedophile is now in jail? The fact is the police in investigating these claims had to go beyond the accepted standard of proof X 10 because these were crimes against young people and from the past. The police had to make certain that their evidence was ROCK SOLID.
    The overall comments that you have put forward show how incredibly gullible and foolish you are. Like everybody else I was taken aback with the news of Andy’s arrest. However, what does a pedophile, a rapist, or this kind of criminal supposed to look like? The fact is every time there is an arrest of this kind of person it is always a shock to the community. Because this person was such a pillar of the swimming community. That is a tragedy that criminals can be the person standing beside you that you trust.
    Individuals like you are simply pathetic. You are the kind of guy that cops could walk in on your son raping a woman and you would say,”The cops set him up it’s all a set up”. As you can see from your statement above… I do have “the nerve” to respond to you. We will all have to wait and see how this plays out in court, with lawyers, a judge, a jury.

  • Andy is a good and honorable man. A man of integrity and wisdom. I have personally seen him go to bat time after time for the benefit of the swimmers. Working long hours with little pay and going way beyond what is required in the right direction. I have known him for many years. This is a witch hunt by a group of petty moralists who are simply out to get somebody to cover their own misdeeds. Andy is just convenient. He did not rape anyone. He used NO violence. The media loves a scandal.

    I have seen young women literally beg him for massage and physical attention. I have seen parents encourage this activity. I have seen Andy refuse to comply with their advances, repeatedly. We are all so quick to judge. He will not be put away for life. That is not the way the system works. There was no intercourse or violence, nor is any alleged.

    Classless jokes about prison rapes belie an evil intent far more destructive than anything Andy ever did. They disclose your own intent. Before you accuse… look at your self. Are you such an example of perfection that you have never held a lascivious thought? If you clam that.. you are a liar.
    Andy also has some health issues that I am quite sure keep him out of any general prison population. In spite of the the fact that you perverts who like to fantasize about tawdry prison sexual trysts you will need to go to prison yourself if you want to fulfill that fantasy.

    Friendly affection is being trumped into something it is not. Regardless of guilt or innocence the rumor mongers are bent on trial in the web and in the media regardless of circumstance. Three ex swimmers on my space started this vendetta by talking with each other and working each other up into a vendetta frenzy.

    This is a mob mentality. This mob mentality sees only evil and is evil itself. It is incapable of justice. No ones hands are clean. Not one of us. Take a look at yourself…. if you have the nerve.

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