* 7 Police Officers Shot and Killed Within 45 minutes in Tijuana, Mexico-Watch Video Here

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Mexican federal, state and local police are on the hunt for the persons responsible for the murder of 7 police officers in the City of Tijuana.  On April 29th 2009, 7 police officers were ambushed in coordinated attacks by suspects using automatic weapons. A surveillance camera caught on tape the killing of 4 of the officers as they shot and killed in front of a convenience store. The other officers were shot and killed in 3 other ambushes throughout the city. All 7 officers were killed within 45 minutes and included a female officer and an unarmed reserve officer.
The surveillance video of the attack on the officers at the convenience store can be seen at:

Watch Surveillance Video of Officers Being Ambushed and Killed Here

Watch Primer Impacto TV News Story of Officer’s Killings and State  Funeral Here

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  • Dear Reader,

    Mexican citizens need to have the right to carry weapons like their neighbors do up north in the Great State of Texas. Right now only the wealthy, drug thugs, the police, and the military have easy access to guns and ammunition.
    I once turned in a big fat wealthy slob for voter fraud. When he threatened to kill me, some of my buddies (retired soldiers) show up at his front door. They told him that if anything happened to me, all his gold would not be able to save him from a few ounces of their hot lead. The portly fellow never bothered me again. Every Mexican should have friends and neighbors like mine!
    The Mexicans would probably also benefit from a Swiss style military reserve. The drug dealers and corrupt government officials would not.–“POWER COMES OUT OF THE END OF THE BARREL OF A GUN,” said Chairman Mao. I say, “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”
    By the way, I am not a Texan. I am a pro union liberal from California who recognizes the importance of the 2nd Amendment of US Constitution.
    A concerned Hispanic American

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