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* Novato Police Arrest Kelton Packard O’Connor, 28, Suspected Of Robbing Chase Bank At 251 Vintage Way

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Novato police have arrested a man who is suspected of robbing the Chase Bank at 251 Vintage Way in the city last week.Kelton Packard O’Connor, 28, was arrested as he drove away from the Cafe Gratitude at 2200 Fourth St. in San Rafael at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sgt. Keith Heiden said.Authorities also are investigating whether he is the man who robbed the Tamalpais Bank in San Anselmo on March 27. The Novato bank robbery suspect fled on a blue and white Euro-type motorcycle with saddlebags after the 2:42 p.m. heist on April 20. He eluded police by driving on dirt trails in the Stone Drive area in Novato but was identified as a suspect. A $1 million warrant for his arrest was issued.The suspect in the San Anselmo bank robbery also escaped on a motorcycle, police said.O’Connor was scheduled to be arraigned in Marin County Superior Court this afternoon. He is being held in the Marin County jail under $1 million bail.

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  • Your comment about medical marijuana is out of ignorance. By the way, I am well educated. It is obvious you are not b/c you failed constructing this sentence properly : “it really is weird that people post loving and caring messages in defense of his criminal and, frankly, sociopathic behavior.” The irony herein lies in the fact that he did not actually put anyone in danger. Did he pull the trigger? How do you know he would have if the cops got there faster? You are making an assumption, it is not fact. You’re emotions and desire to be a victim are clouding your ability to think critically, or perhaps you are not capable of surveying situations clearly. I apologize for the fact you feel like a victim. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe there are other factors causing you to be a victim? For example, we all know that banks take advantage of society. (we the people). We are all being sodomized by conglomerates such as Chase, so who does it really harm taking money? Money is printed by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is no more federal then Federal Express. They make as much or as little as they need to in order to maintain control and wealth you will never be able to attain. They call it the American Dream b/c you have to be asleep to believe it. And here is the ironic part. Because you support the banks you are not supporting the greater good of the people, and you ironically show signs of being a sociopath with your inability to feel empathy for humanity, and blatant disregard of other’s rights.

  • It appears he was convicted in January 2010, and his sentence will be at least 15 years. This should allow him to be an incredible human being for his fellow inmates.

    He’s pretty young. Does he have a sore #$%@?

    After 15 years as a biotch, what will he do with the remainder of his life?

  • It really is weird that people post loving and caring messages in defense of his criminal and, frankly, sociopathic behavior.

    I hope the care and concern isn’t the result of medical marijuana, or other drugs.

    Let’s hope and pray he can get his life straightened out. So when he’s released in his mid to late 40’s, maybe he can get a job, and work for a living rather than committing felonies like armed bank robbery or destroying public property.

  • he may have put others in danger and made some mistakes, but he was nothing short of one of the most incredible human beings ive ever met in my life. miss him every day. julia’s right, he was a true hero to many of us.

  • he was a hero to me and several students here in santa cruz. for anyone wondering ive been in contact with him through the marin county jail in san rafael. has anyone heard about sentencing? i think it happened january or feb or 2010

  • It is weird to see people posting wonderful things about Kelton Packard O’Connor. I was in the bank when he robbed it. He pointed a gun at me.

    If the police had arrived a little faster, people could have died.

    Kelton’s behavior put people in danger. He has a long history of behaving badly. Maybe he made some friends along the way. . . I guess he did. So did Charlie Manson.

    Be responsible posters. Kelton is not a hero.

  • My supprt for Kelton as well. He is an exceptional phenomena of human existence.
    He had strong thirst the Robbin Hood renegade experience.
    He lived it well but he was playing they’re game and the consequences are not surprising.
    Where is he now?
    Where will he be serving his time?
    Will he be seeing visitors?
    Where and when is his trial?
    Does he need character witnesses?
    I love you brother, journey well.

  • Does anyone know what the sentence was for Kelton? I was under the impression that he was before the court recently.


  • Duck you fool dont try and say he had your id and info take credit for your own shit…free kelton!! miss you brotha

  • could i get some advice?
    okay, so this guy had my identity and he was caught stealing from a health foods store, when officers came they did not arrest him but all of my info was given, now i have a warrant for this. i am 100% positive this happened.

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