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*Oakland Women Testifies That Kenneth Washington Of Fairfield Raped Her He Also Murdered 19-Year-Old Jessica Birden

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An Oakland woman testified today that a man described by police as a sexual predator raped her and threatened to kill her on Christmas Eve 2007.Taking the witness stand in the trial of 31-year-old Kenneth Washington of Fairfield, the woman, who was 19 at the time and was identified in court as Jane Doe, said she met Washington on the street while she was on her way to a recording studio in East Oakland on Dec. 23, 2007, and agreed to meet him the next day.Jane Doe said Washington picked her up at her friend’s house, drove her to the Oakland hills and then they wound up at a house in East Oakland.The woman said Washington was “really friendly and helpful” and was “a good listener” as she talked about her life but he suddenly turned angry when she sang a rap song that she had just composed that mentioned a prison gang.Jane Doe said Washington forced her to take off her clothes and then forced her to have sex with him.She said Washington then ordered her to take a bath with him.Jane Doe said that when she asked why, Washington said, “This is so when I kill you they won’t find my DNA.”Washington is charged with sexually assaulting the young woman but the most serious charge against him is that he murdered 19-year-old Jessica Birden, whose badly-beaten body was found by a hiker on a trail in the King Estates recreation area off Crest Avenue in Oakland shortly after 8 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2008.Birden died three days later.Washington, who has a prior manslaughter conviction in Contra Costa County, was arrested in Vacaville on Jan. 4, 2008.Oakland police Cmdr. Jeff Loman said at a news conference four days later that police arrested Washington just in time, as a 16-year-old girl was with him and police believe he planned to attack her as well.Loman described Washington as “a violent predator.”

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  • i actually dont think jose has a strange thought process , i grew up with jessica since we were six years old , and to be told at here funeral that i couldnt touch her because if i did her skin would just fall apart is the hardest thing i have ever had to take in , the news only prodcast shit that has to do with society , and yes the bart situation was fucked up , but let it had been another black man that killed him and not a police officer would it had even made the news the way it did ? they skip over the things that really matter , half the shit people speak about on the news is society bullshit , i have had plenty of friends who have only had a “10 second moment of fame” on the news about their death . . . jessicas murder and the whole case against kenneth should have been made national , it wasnt his place to take her away from us like that

  • You have a strange thought process, Jose and I mean because you’re one of the people that hears a news story and attributes it another unrelated crime and wonders why so and so isn’t doing such and such.

    You know how many scum bags there are around? Do they all make the national news? The reason why the bart shooting made the news is because the ex officer shot someone laying face down while it was being recorded. And if you don’t understand the dynamic between opd/Bartpd and the city of oakland, then maybe you should learn more about why people in oakland are outraged and have a deep distrust with things there.

    Why are you out rioting and flipping over cars?

  • Hey how come this scum bag did not make national news? His crime makes the Bart shooting look like childs play. Where is all the coverage and the flipping of cars and the breaking of windows? What was the race of Jessica? I think the victims families should sue the NAACP why not they like to stir the crap. Do they take no responsability for what they cause? Again I am sure he did this because the man kept him down. Who is this man anyway I would like to meet him. He is a busy guy

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