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*Bruce Walker Of Burlingame Arrested After Crash Kills One Passenger, Daniel James White

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UPDATE Click Here October 5, 2011 Bruce Alan Walker convicted of second-degree murder for a fatal drunk driving killing Daniel White in San Carlos April 2009

UPDATE Click Here March 30, 2012 Bruce Walker Jr. Burlingame man sentenced 15 years to life in prison for death of Daniel White in DUI crash

Police arrested a 36-year-old man for felony drunken driving after a passenger in his car died when the driver crashed Saturday night in Burlingame.Daniel James White, 36, of San Francisco, died after being extricated from the wreck at El Camino Real and Howard Avenue around 9:50 p.m., police said.The driver of the silver Infinity M45, Bruce Walker of Burlingame, also had to be extricated.

Walker was allegedly speeding south on El Camino Real when he crossed Howard Avenue and lost control of the car. The car slid sideways into a eucalyptus tree on the passenger side, police said.Anyone with information about the crash is asked to call the Burlingame Police Department at (650) 777-4100.

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The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office has charged a 36-year-old man with vehicular manslaughter in connection with a crash on Saturday that killed his friend, a deputy district attorney said today.

Bruce Walker has been hospitalized with major injuries since the crash at El Camino Real and Howard Avenue in Burlingame that killed 36-year-old David James White, Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.Upon his release from the hospital, Walker will be booked into county jail on two felony counts, vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while intoxicated and drunken driving causing bodily injury, according to Wagstaffe.

Walker was allegedly speeding south on El Camino Real in a silver Infinity M45 when he crossed Howard Avenue and lost control of the car shortly before 10 p.m., Burlingame police reported.The car slid sideways into a eucalyptus tree on the passenger side, killing White and trapping Walker inside the wreck.

Walker was extricated and sent to a hospital with serious injuries, police said.Walker is expected to make his first court appearance the day after he is brought to the county jail, Wagstaffe said.He faces 10 years in state prison if convicted of both counts.

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  • Even after over two years of Daniel being gone, I still miss him, and think of him frequently. I recently met someone who’s family member killed 5 of 8 family members while driving under the influence, this immediately made me think of Dan, and his familie’s loss. Yet to this day I still do not know Bruce, however, I believe that if Bruce truly knows the reality of the pain his actions have caused on so many, his story could be a true eye opener, and a teaching experience for many young people who do not understand, nor comprehend the conseqences of drinking and driving. It’s so easy for anyone to say “It wont happen to me” or “I know my limit’s”…but do any of them really know? If given the opportunity, and if Bruce realizes and takes responsibility for his actions, he could possibly help save lives, just from Dan’s story. Dan was absolutely passionate about teaching (that’s what I choose to remember most) and if Bruce can impact just one life from their story, that’s one life saved, not one tragedy morned over, and I still yet to this day believe that this is what Dan would want. Not Bruce sitting in prison, but out changing lives, educating people, if infact Bruce realizes the pain and suffering he has caused, and the impact it will have not only on his family, but everyone else as well.

    Like I said, I do not know Bruce, I have never met him, but for the love, care, and respect I have for Dan, I choose to believe that Bruce is the type of person that should be out making his wrongs, right, not rotting away, and I truly from the bottom of my heart believe that Dan would want it the same way as well.

    Once again, I miss you Dan, I think about you, and miss you everyday of my life. You are all around me, and it comforts me to know you are there. Although you are gone, you are still impacting many lives around you. Your spirit will never be forgotten.

  • “Doesn’t matter” ~ I did not know Dan, (I was actually supposed to meet him for the 1st time this night) but I do know Bruce very well… Bruce only had great things to say about Dan. I want to say “thank you”, your words made perfect sense.

  • I did not know Bruce, But I did know Dan. Dan was an amazing human being who gave more to this world than anyone will ever know. I think about him every single day, and I miss him every single second. Dan and I had talked about drinking and driving and I knew his fear of it because of his fear of losing his job. But I also know what a free spirit, easy going person Dan was. It doesn’t surprise me Dan got into the car with him, he obviously did not know how drunk Bruce was nor did he know what was going to happen (obviously). I guess when I think of Dan I don’t think he would want people to argue about what happened. Although I believe Bruce should face the consequences that he has brought apon himself, I also believe that Dan was a grown man who chose to put himself in that situation. Dan would not want people being angry with people, and fighting over what can not be changed. The best everyone can do is remember Dan for the person he was, for the impact he had on people’s lives, and the legacy he is leaving with all of his students. Dan was never about “hate” but about “love”. He loved everyone and saw the best in everyone, even when they did not see it in themselves. That goes the same for Bruce. Maybe people saw what they saw in Bruce, but Dan saw him as a friend, a good friend, and Bruce killed him. I think that Bruce and Dan know this,and this is punishment enough. I would give anything to bring Dan back, and I’m sure that Bruce feels the same way. He should pay his debt to society and put in the time the court see’s fit, however long it may be. However in the long run I believe that Dan would want him to go and teach young adults the consequences of drinking and driving, out of everything, that is the best gift that Bruce could give, and if I know Dan at all, I think he would agree. I don’t know if I worded this right, or if I made sense at all; but what I do know is that I can not think of Dan’s life as a tragic loss, I refuse too. I choose to think of Dan’s life as a gift I had,if even for a short time, I still had it; and maybe in the long run that’s how everyone who has anger will feel. Even if just one person’s life is saved because of Dan and Bruce’s story, that’s still one life, a life that means so much to this world.

    Happy Birthday Dan! You are missed and thought of every single day.

  • Nobody is saying that this isn’t terrible. I’m not saying that your cousin’s death is justifiable. I’m talking to all the people (and they know who they are) who were Bruce’s friends and are talking s____. so you can stop taking your anger out on me. I just believe he is innocent until proven guilty. I wouldn’t laugh about this. You don’t know me chump, don’t act like you do. Iv got problems huh. Look who is projecting anger onto people who have no direct or indirect involvement. my problem Isn’t with you, your cousin, family. now take a Zanex and chill the %$#@ out.

  • Danny took a volintary leave of absents in 2008 and move to California to work there and right before he was killed he was offered his job back in Muskegon, so when he was killed he was on his way home to back up cause he was going to move back to Muskegon the next day. ten min. before the crash he had talked to his dad (my uncle) talking about he couldnt bait to be home and see his friends and family. but my aunt and uncle were waken up in the middle of the night by a police officer at the door, that he had to tell them that there son was killed in a drunk driving car crash! HOW SAD would you be to get that news. later we found out that bruce is not a first time offender, and that he has hurt people in the past the same way. so dont say bruce didnt do anything wrong, i hope this haunts him for the rest of his life and he rots in prison.

  • one more thing “matt(thats right bitch)” speak for yourself… why didnt you try talking to him. dont get pissed cause you buddy is going to prison… at least you will be able to see him again… i will never see my cousin again and i think about it every damn day. ya you dont have to know a person to no that they did a bad thing… he ran two red lights at 100 mph (55mph) over the speed limit, almost hit 2 people, then killed my cousin danny… i wish bruce would be locked up for good, but i guess you to can look back at this hole situation in ten years when bruce gets out and laugh about it together.

  • Oh god i cant believe you guys, Danny was my cousin and Bruce can blow me. Matt you have some problems, danny was one of the coolest person i new. bruce was going 100 mph on a road that is like 45mph. not a day passes that i dont think about him. duck bruce and his family give respect to my aunt and uncle they lost there son cause bruce was a dumb ass, he should be locked up and never let out

  • okay, all of you haters. I know Bruce. I can’t imagine how he feels. I wont try and speak on his behalf, neither should any of you. People who are speaking negatively about him on this forum, contributing to negative press shut your f-in mouth. anything you know that happened prior to this is shit. If any of you Fu*k’s was so concerned about his alleged habits and driving why didnt you do anything or try and talk to him. yea, now your all ” oh he did this and that and should be locked up” fu*k you and your bitch mouth. say all this shit to his face. tell him straight to his face how you feel. you f*cking pussies. peace Bruce.

  • It is sad to hear about these stories all the time. Unlike a teenager, a man at his 36 of age should have taken more personal responsibilities. I don’t think “no big deal, everyone makes mistakes” is the right attitude, especially when there were prior DUI. That’s why penalties are increased significantly on repeated offenders.

  • Jack, If you have information on Bruce doing drugs either that night or previously, you should contact Burlingame Police Department at (650) 777-4100.

  • Not only was bruce an out of a control maniac when it came to drinking. He was also very much involved with Drugs. He could have been under the influence of cocaine that night. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. He derserves a big punishment for all his wrong doings in the past. He know’s what he’s done. He’s in his 30’s an still hasn’t grown up. “what goes around, comes around”

  • Im very sorry of what happened. This could happen to anyone, I personally Know of a cop that shares your luck. The only thing that happened to this x cop. Was his job. No time in JAIL…..So sorry Bruce we should have been PIGGS


  • I grew up with both Dan and Bruce. Dan and I have been great friends for years, and he and I taught together at Campbell. I have not seen or talked to Bruce since high school. The entire community where Dan is from in Michigan is devastated. Dan has touched the lives of many people, including young students who looked up to him. I do not for one second believe Bruce would do any harm to anyone intentionally. I believe it was an accident, a mistake, and hopefully people can learn from this horrible tragedy. I know that is what Dan would want. Bruce will have to live with this for the rest of his life. We need to pray for everyone involved, including Bruce. Please do not drink and drive or drive recklessly.

  • On Saturday night, April 12th, close to 10 p.m., I heard the sound of a screeching car followed by what seemed like an explosion from my living room. My first thought was, OMG, OMG. . . I ran outside to see if I could help but already there was a police car telling people to back-off. My 12-year old son came out a few minutes later and witnessed for the first time in his life, probably the worst accident scene ever. Paramedics, police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene shortly thereafter. It was so eerie. Two police-women were yelling ruthlessly at the crowd telling us to leave as they put the yellow ribbon across the streets. The scene of the yellow body bag lying on the stretcher was very upsetting. We prayed for the people in the car. Our prayers go out to all involved parties.


  • Dan white was a teacher in michigan. I had him in 5th grade an he was my favorite teacher of all time.

  • I know Danny way back from Michigan. He was a wonderful, kind, generous man who I am blessed to have had the opportunity to know. Instead of all of this back and forth and pointing fingers, why don’t we all take a step back and agree that this was a tragic event that has changed the lives of so many people. Our hearts and words should all go out to the families of these two people as they begin the long journey of grief and recovery.

  • I didn’t know either of the people involved in the accident but I was the 2nd person there before the cops came. I saw first hand how bad the crash was. This was the worst crash I had seen in my 32 years. I watched them pull the passenger out and put him in the ambulance. Struck hard by the site all I could do was prey. All I know is that I myself have driven drunk and have driven recklessly. I can honestly say that after seeing this It has changed my view on driving forever. Drunk or not this man and his family have a lot to go trough and pointing the finger as is you are free of all wrong doing is crazy. Yes a terrible thing happened and a man will have to answer for his actions. I sent out prayers that night for both families and I will continue to do so.

  • I gave my comments earlier because I patrol the streets and have seen lots DUI accidents with innocent victims. Although I can understand how sad you may feel for your personal friends like Bruce, but if you truely have kind hearts, you should stop people like Bruce from driving. I was at Pentagonlight to get lights and they said he was fired and sued the company for termination. So if he wasn’t fired, why would he file a lawsuit on the company for termination? Now if he has shown up drunk at work, Pentagon will say so in the court to support their cause for termination. That’ll further damage his felony DUI case if the district attorney decides to use it. Anyhow, I’d like everyone to support current legislative’s AB91 for Alameda County, a measure requiring convicted drunk drivers to use ignition interlocks. Show your support by going to this website:

  • Thank You Cassandra, Mario Reyes & Juan B.:) And Dusty, for your witty and kind words, I THANK YOU! 😉

  • I know Bruce personally and Saturday night he and Daniel were driving to meet me and our other friends, they never showed up :(. Bruce may have had a cocktail or two but he wasn’t “drunk”. I spoke to him minutes before the accident. My heart goes out to the White family, my prayers are with you, Bruce and your family. I can only imagine how hard this is and will be for you but you have friends here to support you during this difficult time.

    To any of you who want to judge Bruce and bad mouth him, taking these cheap shots…… you clearly don’t know him very well. Terrible things happen on a daily basis to people PERIOD. Maybe this was meant to happen or, maybe it is just a sad event to learn from but Bruce will have to live with the loss of his friend for eternity and obviously face other severe matters.

    So, to Joe’s out there “thou shall not judge”, I’m sure I could sum up 10 reckless ways you live your life under an hour of talking with you; to the Sam’s out there, stop being miserable with your own little life so much as to put out your negative energy and erroneous statements upon others…. for the record Bruce was not fired from that position, I know because my law firm initially reviewed his case and; “Obama” – such a weak little person you had to list a fake name, likely, because you know your statement is so completely untrue. Dishonesty will catch up with you.

  • Ok is this guy a jerk or what? that really dont matter a person is dead and I am sure he never ment that to happen. I am sure he will have to fight these demons on his own.

  • I bought lights from Bruce last year. He’s a good guy but reckless nonetheless. Lisa, it’s people like you and Bruce who need to learn from these accidents to know that it is NOT ok to drink and drive. I’ve seen too many DUI accidents that could have been prevented if people take more responsibilities both in their life and on the road.

  • I’m in know way defending the actions of my friend. Take responsibility for his actions he will, he already is. Daniel White was a close friend, whom Bruce cared for. So Sam(& anyone reading) I ask you this…You ever drive recklessly? You ever drive drunk? If you drink, it’s likely you drive drunk! It could’ve happened to many of us……

  • Sam, I don’t recall who you are,(nor do i really care)for this you are lucky. How sad are you? Posting your personal dislike @ time like this, where family & friends will read. Don’t post what you think is true, stick to what you know. Bruce & I lived together for 10yrs. So i’ll correct you, 1 DUI about 12yrs ago, prior to the club days. So how you warned him on his last DUI? Bruce was NOT fired, he walked.

  • I knew Bruce Walker when he was an used car salesman. He didn’t do so well, so he later went to sell flashlights called pentagonlight for the government instead. But I know he was fired, too. He got drunk often and would drive recklessly. I warned him when he got DUI last time. Now he has killed someone. Hope they lock him up.

  • I met Bruce in clubs where he often drives home drunk. He already has several DUI but still drive recklessly without any respect for others. The felony offense requires independent proof of negligent driving or violation of a traffic law. I hope people will contact Burlingame Police Department to help out the prosecution to lock up people like Bruce.

  • I know Bruce Walker personally. He drinks often and is very irratic with no respect to anyone with many previous DUI on records. He should be arrested and put behind bars so he will not kill more people with his drinking spree.

  • Im very sorry to the White family but i know Bruce Walker and he is a good guy very sorry that his mother is going thru this good luck Bruce

  • *Bruce Walker Of Burlingame Arrested After Crash Kills One Passenger And Seriously Injures Daniel James White

    The Above is WRONG! Get your facts straight before posting such traggic events online! Bruce walker was seriously injure and Daniel James White was Killed!

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