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*Oakland man kills his wife than himself

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A man killed his wife and then himself in their Oakland home thismorning, a police spokesman said.At about 5:30 a.m., one of the gunman’s family members calledpolice and said one of their relatives who was in a home located at 1256 61stAve. was distraught, police spokesman Jeff Thomason said.The family member then told police they had received a call fromtheir relative and he had said he wanted to kill himself and his wife, Thomason said.Police responded and attempted to contact the occupants of thehome. After several failed attempts, they forced entry into the residence,where they found two people dead from gunshot wounds, Thomason said.There were no reports of gunshots heard in the area.Homicide investigators remained at the home around 10:30 a.m.

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  • This is indeed a sad situation, and unfortunately too frequent. Often, today, our no-fault divorce laws work against the faithful and strip all hope of justice or a potentially good life away from people going through an unwanted divorce. Sometimes this happens for good reason and a violent partner carries out treacherous acts at the time of separation, so there needs to be a way for victims of violence to get to safety. But, because there are so many advantages given to the one who reports abuse, it is often the abusive who file false allegations while the victims of violence don’t report it. In other words, we become so responsive to reporting that we become irresponsible and unfair and somewhat incompetent when it comes to discerning between real abuse and a false allegation that is done to gain a strategic advantage. So in the end, no violence is stopped and much is added as the victims of adultery, abuse, and false allegations despair of hope and take matters into their own hands violently. And then we read about it in the news how the neighbors and family are shocked that a person who had always been good hearted, kind, giving, and benevolent shocked them with uncharacteristic behavior committing murder and suicide, shooting a judge, an attorney, a social worker, tax collector, police officer, child support worker, other lover, and so on.

    But, perhaps the reason our divorce laws are so irresponsible and unfair to the faithful is that the faithful are usually less violent.

    This is unrelated, but the title of this article contains the word “than” rather than “then”.

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