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*Union City Fremont Resident Rodney Green Found Dead In Arroyo Park

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A 23-year-old man found dead in a Union City park this morning has been identified as Fremont resident Rodney Green, according to the Police Department.Officers received a call at about 7:15 a.m. from a pedestrian who reported seeing a man bleeding in Arroyo Park, located at 35199 Perry Road, police said.Emergency personnel responded and found Green unresponsive and with gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead in the park.Anyone with information related to this case is asked to call the Union City Police Department’s Investigations Unit at (510) 471-1365. Those wishing to use the tip line can call (510) 675-5707.

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  • R.I.P. Rodney. We went to school together and hung out. We fought and got along. To me, you were a brother growing up. You are always in my thoughts.I send my regards to you, Leslie. I remember you being a loving and caring Mother to Rodney, this is Gilbert. I deeply apologize. I always wanted to be a good friend to your son. I am glad that I got to catch up with him one last time at Chabot College,

  • My brother Rodney, it has been a minute since I have written to you and I remembered your mom talking about this website. Today I went to check it out and give you some love. I am still sadden that you are no longer with us. I miss all the little stories we shared and even our inside jokes we had through out our years. You have truly been missed and were all close to be celebrating another one of your birthdays. Youll be the big 25 this year. I love you and miss you! Your sister.

  • Tiffany, Of any newspaper article, any letter any card I have ever received since the night of March 29 when Rodney was killed I have never read something so absolutely beautiful. I am amazed that you are going through your life with eyes wide open and heart. Yes you felt something, yes you were correct in what you saw. No Rodney wasnt going back he was going forward and it was a long time coming. I was so proud of him and he was such a joy in my life. Thank you for sharing and I wish you strength and love in everything you do…you have truly touched my heart…..Rods Mom

  • I knew rodney since 7th grade. He was a bit of a bully towards me. A few years later I ran into him and he was apologetic for the way he treated me, and I would have never expected that. I was very saddened when I found out he was murdered, from what I hear, it was his own Nortenos who killed him because they thought he snitched about a hit and run. Any ways, even though he made life hard on me in high school, he didnt deserve to die, and definantly not that way. I know that he was very close to his mother and I cant imagine the pain she is still going through. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, hopefully some of his friends could learn from his mistake and get out of the gang lifestyle, its not worth it….just my 2 cents

  • I met rodney 7 years ago, he and i met through mutual friends of ours. He was funny, out going and yes a bad ass but deep down he WAS a SWEET HEART!! He and i lost touch through the years. I had no idea he had passed until i passed by the HUGE bill board, right away i recognized him! I am truly sorry for your loss (leslie) my HEART goes out to you and your family!! You both will forever be in my thoughts and prayers!!

  • I knew Rodney briefly. I had a class with him at Chabot College. One of our mutual classmates told me of a bill board she saw near South Hayward bart, and since then we both have been trying to figure out if this was the Rodney we had class with. Tonight she came across a list of our classmates- and we discovered it was the Rodney we knew. We were both very saddened. The Rodney we experienced was a young man who had been through some things, and was trying to get his life together. The class was a start. He shared with the class very little of some of his life’s pain and what had brought him to college. I remember being admirable to him for trying to change his life and get it together, as I am a person too that has not had the best experiences- but I too later identified with them as experiences that taught me something. As this is too what it seemed as if Rodney discovered. And I commended him silently to myself for that. Through out my life I have been a person that is blessed to feel a persons spirit, see their heart. And before I even knew of this horrific, devastating occurrence that has taken Rodney’s life- that night in class I felt his. And it was that, that wanted to embrace change, recognized wrong and wanted to pursue good for a change, wanted a change. That is what I truly saw- God as my witness. I felt something from him, and now I know too why I felt that. He had come to terms with who he was and who he now wanted to be. And I feel that is too why God called him home. It is too bad it had to be this way, but we don’t always understand everything that God does and or will do. I don’t know what Rodney decided to do after that class, but I do know what I recognized that. Now if he went back to living the life he wanted to escape, that too could have been for many reasons or maybe he couldn’t too find the strength to keep pushing. I don’t know , but what I do know is I felt him- and him right then, wanted CHANGE, wanted to be the man his heart wanted him to be. I am happy I was blessed to see his surrender- for now I understand what it is I felt. .. I wanted to share this because it is the truth, and what I have been moved to do, and what his mother deserves to hear from a stranger about her son. .. All of the negative comments I pray for you people, for there is a time and place for everything and at this time and this place- negativity is not welcomed or deserved. .. I am happy to have knew Rodney Green and my heart goes out to his mother and his family. He will be missed by many that knew him. … And lets remember we all make mistakes, we are all trying to figure out this thing called “life”, you never know what has happened to a person to cause them to be what you may NOW see, and we are all in no position to judge. .. Tiffany, from Rodney’s English 102 class.

  • Rodney kinda screwed my life up emotionally and physically, but my heart goes out to his mother because no one deserves to loose their child.No matter how much of a jerk they are,no one deserves to go in such a tragic way. He once was a friend,and now hes just a memory of my past..Rest in Peace Rondney.

  • I can stomache the last 2 comments if you didnt like my son but yer heart is still there saying he didnt deserve the way he went out, that still shows you have a heart. The comment from Kunta Killa though really shows me that this is a person with no soul. I know my Son came off hard at times but he had alot of heartbreak in his life so he can come off very defensive but if you really knew him he was a genuine person with a heart. I loved him with all my being and I miss him every minute of everyday. Mom

  • I remember him being a grade-A douche growing up and If he was anything like he was back in the day, he brought it upon himself. Still didnt deserve to go out that way though.

  • rest in peace Rodney!! your cancun girls miss you and theres not a day that goes by that we dont think of you!! i cant wait til they find the low life scared lil boys who took your life. your in heaven lookin down on everyone while they’ll b locked up til they burn in hell

  • To the piece of scum KUNTA… must be one of the cowards that took Rodney. May your soul burn in hell for eternity! Rodney was one of the BEST human beings God created. He touched so many lives in a beautiful way! Just pray that I am not sitting the Jury!

  • That was my son and kunt seems to be the perfect name for you. RIP baby you were loved always by everyone….Mom

  • yo man, you where one of the funniest kids when we were growing up. ill never forget when we played ffl together and you were on the redskins. i will miss you alot man. your long time homie… leo. love you man.

  • Lil, Rod, You are truly the shit and wiil live on forever in hearts of thoughs of us who love you,


  • Kunta I hope your family and everyone you loves dies, that way everyone can be better off with your garbage genetics and anyone who would ever be friends with such a simple minded retard. RIP Rodney

  • Rodney, Man oh man… I would have to say you were crazy back in thoes youngin days, 6th grade man! but this is something else, You will be missed, Lots of LOVE.


  • Yesterday is history,today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery so dont take life 4 granted and enjoy what Rodney what he would’ve wanted…..In My Thoughts Por Vida

  • Rodney you’ll always be in my thoughts and in my heart.

    Love Strength and Honor Rest in Peace Baby Boy

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