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* Union City Gunman Fires On Garage Gathering Killing Conrado Justin Barba,Wounding Another

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Police say an unknown suspect opened fire into a group of men in a Union City garage Tuesday night, killing one man and seriously wounding another.Officers responded to a report of a shooting in the garage of a home at 3814 Horner St. at about 8:35 p.m. Witnesses told police a man wearing dark clothing and a hoodie had walked up and fired several rounds from a handgun into a group gathered in the garage, shooting two men, according to the Union City Police Department.Conrado Justin Barba, 21, was fatally wounded and pronounced dead at the scene, according to police. A 19-year-old Hayward man was also wounded and was transported to a hospital with injuries that were not expected to be life threatening. Police are asking anyone who may have information about this homicide to contact the investigations unit of the Union City Police Department at (510) 471-1365.

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  • I miss you Justin. I lived right accross the street from you, You where very shy but your brother josh had times together, yoiu hunged out with my brother. It is sad that you had your precious life tooken away from you! You had it all going for you. People are so carless of what there taking away from this world! I just cant belive what i was hearing I thought it was a dream , Cause you are such a good person. Your in better place now. Your in gods hands. Union city has gotton really bad. I miss my home town but im glad that i am gone, Your family and girl friend and friends really miss you. Love you lots R.I.P. ?Justin Barbra

  • Saturday, a few weeks away from being a year since Justin was brutally slain.

    My words become the voice of others…the people who worked with Justin…and I imagine my tears are also theirs…

    ‘Nothing at work has seemed the same…the guys work on…pulling off wheels…changing timing belts…machining rotors…a year ago…there was a lot of laughter in the shop…a steady stream of friendly comments…good hearted joking…snacks all around…and now…everyone is a lot quieter…the stillness eats at me…none of us are the same since that the night Justin was gunned down…’

    From a space inside of my head and heart, I hear ‘what’s crackin’, Susan?’

    And I answer…’Paradise Lost and No Found….we miss you, Dog…’

  • Hannah…each night, I walk through the shop…I am usually the last to leave…and when I pass by his tool box, I can still hear him in my mind…and then, all of us use expressions coined by him…

    Just the other day, I heard, ‘Hey, Susan…what’s cracking?’ And in those words, all of us pause, and think of our Justin…

    I am sorry that I missed your words from before…I hope that you find mine at some point…

  • uh rick james… one who do you think you are? if there is better S**t to read on the internet then read it, obviously you thought it was something, to read the article then write a dumb comment… get an f*ing life…

  • To Asif; COnrado was Also my cousin And I mourn his Death. He did not die on March 25th. He died on mArch 24th.

    To Susan; I know how you feel. Everyday on my walk home from school, he would call and ask how my day was, sometimes it wouldnt be great. Although I couldnt say that because I knew it would only break his heart to know I was Not too great. I could still hear his voice every time I walked past the same place he called me everyday.

    Personal thoughts; I do not think I can live on, but I must. Because I know he would want the best for me. He wasnt here On my birthday to help me make my cake, go on the train ride. But we found his present for me. It was the best.

  • My heart goes out for the conrado family as I use to live across the street. Oh lord please protect the rest of the family.

  • I will remember u always Conrado..Because u died on My Birthday. Wednesday March 25, 2009…RIP!! Dear One. Someday we will reach again…Asif 🙁

  • A distant Cousin, i knew him only whn i was 7 or 8, it hurts to know i would not get to know him better, i never got a chance to play any of his favorite games with him, neither did he got a chance to know that i care. Justin u will be missed by all of us here in Guyana, May ur soul Rest In Peace, and we pray that justice will be done…ur cousin Asif:-(

  • As I read the words above by Rick, my eyes fill with tears. I can’t stop crying, and I feel as if my heart will never heal. In fact, I know it won’t. A piece of it is missing with the death of Justin Barba.

    How sad this society has become. We assume this, and we assume that without knowing the facts, the circumstance, and forget about what is truly tragic.

    I met Justin over a year ago when he joined my team. Within the first week of working with him, he won me over. I don’t think I have ever met someone who could make me laugh so much. His heart was big, his spirit gentle, and he could bring the house down with just a few words. Some days, I would dread walking into work. Another day in paradise lost and not found. Justin would hear me come shuffling in. ‘Susan, is that you?’ ‘Yep. Tis me.’ ‘What’s cracking?’ And all of a sudden, I felt uplifted, joyful, encouraged.

    My encouragement went far beyond my day. Justin Barba gave me a sense of hope. A young man with old fashioned values who moved all of us with his spirit. It was easy to imagine him all grown up with children of his own. I could imagine all of the love within that home.

    I walk by his workbench. I can still hear his voice. I can hear his laughter.

    And since, age didn’t matter to Justin, here I sit, a 56 year old woman grieving the death of a dear friend. One of the techs would tell me, ‘I’ll tell your son that you are looking for him.’ I would have been happy to have Justin as my son.

    At this moment in time, tragedy reigns in my mind. My heart is broken.

  • Hey Rick; you know you could have just not posted anything instead of being so insensitive. This article is important because Justin Barba was not a gang member and while this may be gang violence he was an innocent bystander and honestly one of the best people you could ever hope to meet. Words cannot describe Conrado Justin Barba. And no, there is nothing more important than this on the net right now. Hundreds of people are mourning his death and will for a very long time.

  • Ok I need to know why so many people are interested in this post? I was thinking it was just another drive by shooting so what was so special about this one? there are other more interesting things on the net then this.

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