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Four San Francisco men originally charged in Southern California with defrauding an elderly Palm Springs homeowner who went missing in December have now been charged with the man’s murder.Riverside County prosecutors said the four men, along with a fifth man from Daly City, hatched a scheme in 2008 to murder 74-year-old retiree Clifford Lambert and steal from his estate.Lambert is alleged to have been killed during a burglary of his $1.3 million home on Dec. 6.Prosecutors filed first-degree murder charges Thursday against David Replogle, a 60-year-old San Francisco civil attorney; Kaushal Niroula, a 27-year-old Nepalese man in the U.S. on a student visa; Russell HerbertManning, a 67-year-old art dealer; Daniel Carlos Garcia, 26, of San Francisco; and Miguel Bustamante, 26, of Daly City.All except Manning are in custody on a no-bail status. An arrest warrant is still outstanding for Manning.Attached to the murder charges are special circumstances allegations that the murder was committed during a burglary, which makes the five men eligible for the death penalty.A decision on whether to pursue a capital case has not yet been made, according to the district attorney’s office.District attorney’s office spokesman Michael Jeandron said today he could not release information about whether Lambert’s body had been found, or how Lambert’s alleged murder is believed to have been committed, citing an ongoing investigation. The Riverside County coroner’s office, which would handle any homicide victims found in the area, said today it had not received anyone by that name.According to prosecutors, following Lambert’s murder, Replogle posed as Lambert and then signed over power of attorney to Manning.The men then allegedly tried to sell Lambert’s home for $298,000, but the sale was halted after a realtor who had heard of Lambert’s disappearance became suspicious about the discrepancy and notified Palm Springs police. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were also allegedly taken from Lambert’s bank accounts.A felony complaint filed by Riverside County prosecutors in late February against Replogle, Niroula, Manning and Garcia included charges of forgery, impersonation and grand theft.Niroula is well known to authorities in the Bay Area, having active felony cases in both San Francisco and Marin County for allegedly stealing $300,000 worth of jewelry from the home of a Novato man he befriended, and for allegedly scamming a wealthy art collector out of $400,000 in San Francisco. Niroula earlier this year posted $250,000 bail, reportedly paid by Replogle, in connection with the San Francisco grand theft and conspiracy case, which involved the attempted sale of a well-known painting that was never delivered.Manning is a co-defendant in that case Palm Springs police arrested Niroula on March 2 when he made an appearance in San Francisco Superior Court. “These con men have skillfully manipulated their way through millions of illegally obtained dollars and managed to avoid consequences until now,” Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco said in a prepared statement Friday.Pacheco said Lambert “isn’t the first victim of their ongoing scams to enrich themselves, but we plan on making sure he is the last.”

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  • We are in the process of doing researching for a book and would like to add comments from with friends or family members of both the victims as well as the accused to. Please contact us by email at [email protected].

  • I met Miguel bustamante not so long ago probably 2 weeks ago I met him in jail and to me I don’t think he was with his friends at the right time TERRY yes we can pray for him god has forgiveness for everyone ur just being like that u really don’t know what happen neither do I but. I know god forgives even the worst people out there but I just hope the best to that great guy he doesn’t deserve to be in there locked up god bless him.

  • Yo conosco a miguel. Lo conosco como 8 o 10 anos. Estoy muy seguro que no tuvo nada que ver. El es un poco loco, pero de muy buen corazon. Se que el es inocente, desgraciadamente estubo en mal momento. Espero que salga bien de esto y esperando pronto su regreso a san francisco…

  • Well, the prelim is over… Looks like those of you in favor of Miguel will be disappointed to learn of the confessions taking place… and the fact that all 5 will stand trial for murder in the 1st with special circumstances. has detailed everything. Prayers should be going to the victims here… not these evil souls.

  • no, miguel doesn’t scam people out of money… those other guys do… miguel just got mixed up with the wrong people

  • “John Doe” – How can you have “lots of love” for someone who you admit has “been involved in some nasty business”. Obviously he has a long history of cheating people out of their money and spending it away or gambling it on himself. “Pray” for him? Why not pray for the millions of children who starve to death and die every year while crooks like your “friend” are out robbing, cheating and gambling? Apparently you invisible god in an invisible heaven isn’t listening…then again, who would pray to a monster who flooded the world and kill thousands of children? Make-believe fairy tales – no wonder you hide behind “John Doe” – shameless hypocrisy.

  • Innocent until proven guilty? There is no telling what the extent of Miguel’s involvement is. For all we know he may be being held for his own safety. Obviously he had some connection with all of this. I know Miguel fairly well, and I have known him to have been involved in some nasty business. But I hope he is innocent. I’ll pray for you Miguel. Lots of love to you!

  • garcia and ex lawyer called replogle are good ones on the TV any post or press, prosecutors has to be carefoul to catch them together because each one are good actors and like to play games with the law and corruption on united states or mejico, ask garcia he know very well where its the body

  • RE: nanananana:I really hope Miguel can be cleared, do you know anything about the progress of the investigation?

  • Miguel Bustamante and myself had reservations for lunch on 12/06/2008; which we attended. Then we went shopping, then the gym. There is no way he was involved in the murder of cliff lambert. Police have been made aware and records have been obtained as legal proof.

  • its very horible and unacceptable dids. which i strongly raise my voice that being a nepalse he must be punished hardly. he has destryed the name and fame of Gurkhas.they must be *&^%.

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