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*Trial Begins For Robert Altes The Brentwood Man Accused Of Murder

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A trial began today for a Brentwood man accused of fatally shooting a tenant on his property in 2006 and then throwing the man in the back of a van with all his belongings piled on top of him. Prosecutor Lynn Uilkema argued during opening statements in Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez that Robert Altes, 51, committed premeditated, first-degree murder when he fatally shot Pablo Gutierrez, 23, on July 9, 2006.Altes’ attorney Robert Fleming, however, argued that Gutierrez attacked Altes and Altes shot him in self-defense.At the time of the killing, Altes was living on a one-acre piece of property near the intersection of Lone Tree Way and state Highway 4 with his elderly parents. There was also a doublewide trailer on the property with two tenants.Gutierrez had been staying in a camper on the property as well, but didn’t pay any rent.According to both attorneys, members of the Altes family were angry with Gutierrez because they thought he was stealing tools from their shed and selling them to support an alleged drug habit.Gutierrez had been away for a few days, but returned to his camper on the afternoon of July 9. When Altes’ father saw Gutierrez that day, he allegedly told his son Gutierrez was back, Uilkema said.Altes allegedly went down to Gutierrez’s camper, confronted him and then went back up to the house. He went inside, grabbed a .22 caliber revolver, loaded it and then went back outside to confront Gutierrez, Uilkema said.According to Fleming, Altes only put one bullet in the gun and tried use it to fire a warning shot at Gutierrez, but the gun didn’t go off.At some point Gutierrez allegedly grabbed a plastic BB gun kept in the area for shooting feral cats and tried to fire it at Altes, but that gun didn’t go off either.Gutierrez then allegedly attacked Altes and tried to hit him with the BB gun and take his revolver, Fleming said.”If he had succeeded and gotten the gun from Mr. Altes, Gutierrez would be sitting here today,” Fleming told the jury.Fleming said Altes fired a single shot downward in self-defense, but the bullet hit an artery and killed Gutierrez.Uilkema, however, argued that there was evidence that Gutierrez had been beaten, burned and dragged at some point during the confrontation. When police finally found him, his shirt was torn off, he was covered in sand and dirt and there were drag marks on his nose, shoulders and forehead, according to Uilkema.After the shooting, Altes went inside and told his parents and the two tenants that he had shot Gutierrez.One of tenants called Gutierrez’s friends and told them, “Pablo’s been shot. You better come and get him,” Uilkema said.When Gutierrez’s friends arrived, they saw Altes spraying Gutierrez with a hose and telling him to get up, Uilkema said.Fleming claimed that Altes was spraying Gutierrez in an effort to revive him. Gutierrez’s friends couldn’t tell he’d been shot and thought he had just been beat up, Uilkema said.They didn’t want to call police because they had criminal problems of their own and didn’t want to get involved, but Altes allegedly told them if they didn’t take him he would dump him in the Delta, Uilkema said.Eventually they agreed that they would call an ambulance and have it come to a nearby gas station to pick up Gutierrez. Altes allegedly agreed to bring Gutierrez to the gas station and Gutierrez’s friends left to meet the ambulance.Altes allegedly threw Gutierrez into the back of a van then went into Gutierrez’s trailer, gathered up all his belongings and put them in the van as well — on top of Gutierrez.After that, he put air in the van’s tires and went inside to borrow some gas money from his mother.Meanwhile, the ambulance came and left and still Altes hadn’t shown up.Altes allegedly went to a different gas station to put gas in his van before driving past the gas station where Gutierrez’s friends were waiting. A Brentwood police officer flagged him down as he was driving by, Uilkema said.When police searched the van, they found Gutierrez dead in the back.Fleming said that Altes had been on his way to the hospital when the police stopped him.  “It’s a tragic situation for both sides,” Fleming said. “…But Bob Altes, like the rest of us, had a right to defend himself.”

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  • Thank you Tonya, may you always be blessed and protected by Gods love and grace.


  • To all of you that were there in the court house today for the sentencing. Your presence and support was so very much appreciated by all the family.

    To everyone that took time to speak on behalf of Pablo today, thank you for shearing the persona of Pablo to those that didn’t know him, nor his kind ways.

    Tonya, a special thanks to you.; not only for your support but also for being there at all times for Pablo, form the time it started to the very end. May the Lord Bless you and your family for all the sacrificial time, effort and love you have shown through all this mess.
    I know that Pablo would have a big smile on his face and a humble gratitude of thanks in his heart, so… form his heart and mine Thank You.

    To all the other friends I don’t know by name but were there for Pablo in time of need and through all of this thank you for your true friendship to Pablo.

    Carol, special thanks to you for your wonderful comments today. Pablo would have been pleased with that unforgettable smile of his on his face.

    He loved Christian very much, I think that it would be fair to say that his son was the sunshine of his life, so I know that he would be in gratitude of the loving care you and you family have given his son; the son he will never see grow-up to be a man.

    May God Bless You and your family for your support, love and testimonies during the time of trial I know that it was hard for you and your family… Thank you.

    God Bless You all and keep you all safe in His care.
    I would like to take this opportunity to encourage those that read with a wonderful advice form the book of Psalms and Romans, which tells us to…

    Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it. Psalms 34:14…

    Be not over come of evil, but overcome evil, with good. Romans 12:21

    Love and Prayers



  • There has been numerous times Pablo has been in our home and never once did we feel that he would take someting that was not his. During our family gatherings he would come and be there for hours. He was always to modest about eating and accepting gifts from us. Sometimes we would go to lunch and he always felt awakward about us paying. He would try to pay for his own lunch. I would have to remind him that we asked him to go and it was our treat. If we gave him a ride anywhere he would always offer to wash our car or give us gas money. How can someone that has this way about him derserve what was done to him. God Bless You Pablo!

  • Thank you for clarifying that Pablo had friend’s he visited and with whom he would stayed on occassion never stealing anything from anyones home. I can testify to the same in behalf of all of his family and that includes my home.
    On many occasions he used my husbands expensive tools but never did any turned up missing.

    Pablo was not a thief, a crack head nor was he a violent person as he has been described… But on his body were the evidence of a violent attacker, one that not only shot him but tortured Him afterwards… (that’s violet)
    I agree… he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Mr. Altes family is going to defend him and that is understandable, but the truth is the truth, Pablo was a good person and did not deserved what Mr Altes did to him.

    In the instance that Mr. Altes had a problem with Pablo, a simple call to the authorities and Pablo would be with us today and Mr. Altes wouldn’t be where he is at.

    Thanks to all of you that were there for Pablo then and are still there for mim now. God Bless

  • I deeply thank God that justice has prevailed in this case. Pablo, We all miss and love you very much. You will never be absent, we may be forbidden to see you ever again but your kindness, your love, your smile, your voice and most of all you yourself will always remain deep our hearts forever.

    I often awake late at night only to feel your presence there with me which gives me sense of relief knowing your still here with us. May God always embrace and keep you at his side.

    Now that this trial is over and justice has been served, I pray with all my heart that you may rest and find peace forever. Hopefully, if it’s true there’s life after death we can then share a good time together then. Please remember me as I may need your help in guiding me through that threshold when it’s my time to go.

    Take care Pablo, and godspeed…

  • I want to clear up the comment that no one wanted him around, That is not true. We loved him, He was welcomed at our home. He was always willing to help with something, I know he would never take anything that did not belong to him. It never even was a thought. I think Bob felt like Killing that Day and Pablo was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all know this guy is guilty. Just by his conduct. We all know Pablo would do anything for anyone who asked. Everyone has some problems in there lifetime, That dose not give anyone the right to do what this guy did. I can only hope and pray that Pablo has found peace, He was a kid, He was only 23. We will miss him. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you Cordero Family.

  • GOD BLESS YOU CORDERO FAMILY!! The Altes Family knows what they did and so does GOD!! This past 3 years has been so hard on us all, Rest In Peace Pablo! We love you and miss you Dearly.

  • Thank god justice is served it’s been a long 3 years. Robert Altes’s family can say what ever they want about pablo at least they still get to visit and talk to him. Pablo was taken from us because of an animal like bob altes. I hope he rots in prison. Pablo was a good friend of mine and to those who say he had no other place to go you are wrong he always knew he had a home with me. R.i.p Pablo i love and miss you

  • It is amazing how some try to justify the actions of the defendant Mr. Altes. Here are the facts in this case. Mr. Altes first confronted, argued and then went inside took a loaded gun back outside, shot and killed Pablo Gutierrez. Why would someone leave the safety of his home if he was being threatened, hit over the head with a BB gun (keep in mind there was no evidence of ANY type of injuries on Mr. Altes) and then aim and shoot Pablo. The fact that Pablo had a BB gun does not justify his death.

    My only question is if Mr. Altes is such a kind person and Pablo was a “crack head” as some put it, why were they friends? Be mindful of your company. Have you ever heard of guilty by association?

    Now, I to have read the the article regarding Steven Glazer and yes he was shot with a BB gun, but lets get one thing clear. He went to the hospital after the incident. He did not turn around, run over, shoot or kill the person that shot at him. Fact is Steven Glazer is, thankfully, still alive.

    Pablo never even shot a BB at Altes and yet he was shot, cursed at, killed and dragged on the ground, face down by his ankles and threatened to be thrown in the Delta. What does that say about Mr. Altes? He is guilty of murder.

  • The weapon Paublo Gutierrez tried to shoot and then use as a club to attack Robert Altes has been constantly referred to by the prosecutor Ms. Uilkema as a plastic BB Gun. The fact is it was a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster combination BB and .177 caliber Pellet Gun compliable of firing BBs at a Velocity 600 fps and or .177 caliber Pellets at 625 fps. The stock and forearm are as the owner’s manual specifications state are made of High impact plastic, the barrel is described as Solid steel, smooth bore. The receiver is made of metal also, although the type is not listed in the manual. The weight of the rifle is listed at 4 lbs and the overall length is listed as 36 inches.

    In October of 2003 Orinda City Councilman Steven Glazer while driving a convertible with his family in Orinda was shot in the neck by a pellet that barely missed his carotid artery. He had to undergo a two-hour surgery and still suffers numbness in his face and neck.

    After this shooting Senator Tom Tolakson authored a bill (SB 532) that makes it a misdemeanor to fire a pellet or BB gun in a “grossly negligent manner that could result in injury or death”.

    The prosecutor Ms. Uilkema tried to describe the rifle as a toy that you would buy for a child. She was rebuffed by her own expert firearms witness that it was not a toy and could in fact cause serious injury.

    In May of 2006 two Martinez police officer fatally shot a man after he reportedly pointed a pellet gun at them moments after accosting a motorist whom he told, “This is your last day on Earth,”.

    I guarantee that if someone tried to point and fire this same type of BB/Pellet Rifle at the prosecutor Ms. Uilkema and then proceeded to beat her about the head and shoulders with it they would be charged with attempted murder.

    In my opinion the way the facts have been spun and evidence omitted in this trial the prosecutor Ms. Uilkema should and may in the future be facing misconduct charges for some of the misleading statements she has made to the jury throughout this trial.

    I was amazed when I searched the internet for prosecutor misconduct at how many articles about prosecutorial misconduct I found. The pressure to win their cases and advance their careers is more important to them than seeking the truth. The defendants that are wrongfully convicted are just the stepping stones to that career.

  • Pablo G. Cordero, is my nephew and I love him today as much as I did while he was with us. He is now gone and I miss him. He was a good and loving family member. We, (THE WHOLE FAMILY) miss him a great deal. This has been a painful experience for us all. Pablo was a good son, good father, good brother, and a good friend.
    Pablo was a good tenderhearted person, he cared for others and was always there if you needed him. He had a humble way about him self and a smile that I will miss, No, he was not perfect… but then who is.

    Just for the record… (WE THE CORDERO FAMILY) are a tight loving family. We are there for each other no matter what. We have never turned away from each other in time of trouble, need, or pain. We are close to each other at all times and we know, that we can call on each other no matter what the circumstances are. Pablo knew that: and there was no doubt about that.

    Pablo, was over21 and chose to live out of the home of his own free will, and that is just what he did, but he knew with out question that the door to anyone of our homes was open to him at anytime.

    Pablo’s death has been hard for the whole family. Extremely difficult to deal with, especially at time of family gatherings, whether it is a joyful or a sad one.
    We miss Pablo, and wish that things would be different, but one must accept certain things in life, and this most certainly is one of them…

    Our hearts were broken on the day of July 9, 2006 and it will remain broken for the rest of our lives. We could never forget the tragic way one of our family member was treaded and abuse to the point of death on that dreadful day.
    The day of July 9, 2006 changed for ever our lives and we will never forget it, but as a close family we understand that not only our lives have change, but that also of the Altes family only in a whole different manner..

    Had Pablo lived to tell what happen on that day the story would be totally different and I know that without a doubt. Mr. Altes made sure that would not happen, so now we wait and hope that justice will prevail in Pablos behalf.

    Thank you on behalf of the Cordero family to all of you that have shown your support and love through all of this. God Bless

    To you that are reading this I would like to say… that God is love and he has called us to love one another and to forgive one another as He for Christ sake has forgiven us.

    Un-forgiveness is like a cancer it eats at you and eventually destroys you. God has called us to forgive as He has forgiven us, to love as He as loved us, no matter the situation. I pray that through His Love we’ll be able to do so.
    As we pray the (Lords Payer) let us do so with understanding that we might bring honor to by which this prayer was given, Our Father Which Art in Heaven.

    The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee. and give thee peace. Numbers. 6:24-26

  • Pablo Gutierrez is my cousin and I can honestly say he was a kind person and a great father and although Pablo may not have made the right choices from time to time (just like every human being in this world) he could never take someone’s life. The choices we make day to day will always determine ones future so please choose wisely. I encourage people to stop and think before they react. Robert Altes made the choice to take a loaded gun outside. What good could possibly come from that? We know because of the actions of Robert Altes his family suffers as well. I pray for our family & the Altes family that God give us the strength to relive the horrific events that occurred that day.

    Pablo- you will forever be in our hearts. We love you.

  • First and foremost, Pablo was a good Son sure we had our differences of opinion like most normal people do. There’s no such thing as a perfect home however, we his family never turned our back on him. He chose to live out on his own not because we didn’t want him to live with us but because he opted not too.
    For all those whom have shown support and love for Pablo even after his death Thank you! I too miss him with all my heart.

    Now, for those of you whom are still dragging Pablo face down on the ground, should have a little more respect for a deceased person and his family whose having a very difficult time coping with his death while this trial is still going on.

    Bob Altes committed a crime and should be punished for such. If that means he spends the rest of his life in prison so be it. He too had a choice before he shot Pablo, a simple one was to call the police and have Pablo removed from his property obviously, he opted not to do so. Instead he chose to kill him and by doing so what reasons can he possibly have for justifying his action? a BB gun? even if that’s true which I doubt, doesn’t make it right.

    If someone came at me with a BB gun the worst that can happen is a small circular sting from the the BB (I know I’ve been shot by one before). Being that the case would that constitute a means for me to kill that person. I think there’s more in this story then that which is being told.

  • Pablo had the chance to hold his son and see him grow up! Instead, he chose to use drugs and live a life of crime. Robert Altes was the only person willing to help him by giving him shelter from time to time. Pablo’s own family and friends didn’t want him to live with them because of his violent behavior, theft and drug use. Pablo caused his own death, when he attacked Robert Altes who confronted him about stealing tools from his property and selling them to buy drugs. Robert Altes is a hard working and good hearted person who would help anyone that asked for it. However, that doesn’t mean he should let someone he has tried to help out beat him over the head with an air rifle without defending himself!

  • My uncle Bobby is a good man and does not deserve to be hated for defending himself against a theiving crack head whose own family members have restraining orders against him!! The truth will come out!! Stay strong Uncle Bobby!! We love you!!! Sara,Mike & Brenda


  • Pablo was like my brother-in-law, he was apart of my family for many years, and has seen me grow up. He was a good man, who always had a smile on his face, and never had a bad thing to say about anybody even in hard times.

    He didn’t deserve to die like this, he didn’t deserve to die at all. He has a beautiful son that he will never be able to hold, watch grow up, graduate, or grow old, and this all because Altes decided he had the right to take the life of another man. A good man.

    Robert Altes is a coward, and deserves to suffer greatly for the pain that he has caused Pablo’s family and friends, for his death.

    Robert Altes is a MURDERER!! He should be in jail for the rest of his life.

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