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*Grandparents Watch out For Scam Grandchild Calling From Jail

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San Rafael police are warning residents about a “granny scam” that targets grandparents across the country.Several San Rafael residents have received phone calls that further the scam and other residents have been victims of the swindle, police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher said.A caller pretends to be a grandchild who needs money because he has been arrested, in a car accident or has another emergency that requires wiring him cash, Rohrbacher said.The caller doesn’t want his parents to know and insists the grandparents do not tell other family members, but sometimes the caller poses as a friend or a lawyer who is assisting the grandchild, Rohrbacher said.Callers ask the money be wired to Canada but victims have been directed to send the money to other U.S. locations, Rohrbacher said.The Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre reports 435 American grandparents were enticed to wire $2,2 million to Canada last year, Rohrbacher said.Grandparents are urged to call and get the name of the jail or hospital where the grandchild purportedly is when they get the scam call and call there directly. Family members also can develop a password to verify themselves to one another over the phone, Rohrbacher suggested.

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  • This just happend to my family today. My Great Grandma, who I call GG, got a call from some girl posing at me, and my GG said she sounded exactly like me, anyways the girl said I was in Manitoba, for a friends wedding, and my friend had to much to drink, so I drove, and ended up getting a DUI, and the “Lawyer” I was with asked my GG to wire $2800.00 , and my GG would do anything for her Family, so she went to western union and she sent the money, Thankfully the banker called my GG and asked her to double check with someone that I was in Manitoba, so she called my mom, and my mom said I was in my home town , in school all day. so my GG’s money thankfully did not go through. what I want to know , is how do these scam artist have my voice.. and how do they get my familys numbers.!!!! sooo crazy,

  • The scammer tried to pull this on me and almost got away with it by asking for 2,800. I was really taken in by it but when I contacted Western Union they would only allow me to send 999.99 from the state of AZ. This rule by WU saved me. This guy used a gravely voice and said he had been to a wedding the nite before and drank too much. Said his Public Defender was sending a doctor for him. Said ” had auto accident in a rental car and he didn’t want this along w/a DUI on his record since he is an attorney”. Said if parents knew he would be embarassed. Thanks for sending me this info. Barb

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