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Robbery Redwood City Unknown Suspects Forces Victims At Knife Point

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ID#09-062 Redwood City Unknown Suspect

The Redwood City Police Department is asking for Fugitive Watch viewers help in identifying the suspect in this police sketch. Detective Treadway reports that on January 2nd 2009 at about 9:30pm, three Spanish speaking Hispanic males in their 20’s, wearing dark hoodies contacted the Victims near their vehicle at 2nd Avenue and Bay Road in Redwood City. The suspects then all brandished knives ordered the Victims back into their vehicle. The Suspects then ordered one of the Victims to drive them to a parking lot located at 559 Hampshire Avenue in Redwood City. Upon arrival, the Suspects ordered the Victims to lie on the ground and robbed them.  It appears that on January 4th 2009 at about 9:30pm the same three Suspects robbed two other victims at 1107 2nd Avenue in Redwood City. In this robbery the suspects robbed the victims of their belongings and drove off in the Victims’ vehicle. The stolen Nissan Sentra was abandoned and found in the 3600 block of Page in Redwood City.

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