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* Vacaville Man On Death Row For Murdering 12-Year-Old Girl Dies In Prison

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*San Jose Accused Of Picking On Hispanics For Drunk In Public, If you tell a big lie enough times!
*Redwood City, Accused Cab Driver To Go To Trial In June
*DA’S Son Delays Pleas In Crash That Killed Richmond Man
*Fairfield Police Arrest Three In Alleged Gang-Related Stabbing
*San Leandro Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested After Being Recognized By Officers
*Monterey Co. Child Molester Sentenced To Two Life Terms
*East Palo Alto Man Was Shot, Robbed Trying To Buy Vehicle On Craiglist


A man who has been on death row at San Quentin State Prison for more than 22 years died Saturday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced in a statement Tuesday.Thomas Francis Edwards, 65, convicted of murdering a 12-year-old girl and attempting to murder another girl in Orange County on Sept. 19, 1981, died of natural causes at the inmate hospice California Medical Facility in Vacaville, according to the CDCR.Edwards was imprisoned at San Quentin on Dec. 26, 1986 after being convicted in Orange County two weeks earlier and sentenced to die, the CDCR reported.According to official reports from the CDCR, 43 death row inmates have died of natural causes since capital punishment was reinstated in California in 1978, and 16 others committed suicide. A total of 14 have been executed, one of them outside the state, and five died of what CDCR officials refer to only as “other causes.”

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San Jose Accused Of Picking On Hispanics For Drunk In Public, If you tell a big lie enough times!

The Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels once said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”, “for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie”. This is exactly what is transpiring in the ongoing accusations against the San Jose Police Department of profiling, unjust and illegal drunk in public arrests of “Hispanics”.  The people that are promoting this lie have never provided one shred of objective academic, sociological or validated evidence to substantiate their allegations.  They and the Mercury News only provide emotional self-serving allegations and frivolous non-objective biased statistical comparisons with other police departments.  The Mercury News recently quoted an Ad hoc task force member as saying “I believe there is a credibility and trust issue between the SJPD, the city administration and the city at large”.  “It is real, it is persistent and it is growing.”  What scientific evidence does he have to support such a serious allegation?  Has there been a Gallup Poll, Harris Poll or Pew Research Center survey we have not been told about? They are only offering lynch mob accusations. I have never had a friend or relative of mine tell me they do not trust the San Jose Police Department. Again they do not provide any academic objective evidence that there is a lack of trust.  In my opinion, these “activists” believe that if they tell this big lie enough and intimidate the politicians, they can get people to believe it. Allow me to provide a few facts to shed some light on this dark lie.

1. There is academic and medical studies that conclude that Mexican-American males have a higher rate (up to 3 times that of non-Hispanics) of alcoholism than the general population and that they have a higher rate of binge and “heavy” drinking and associated problems (which would include getting arrested for drunk in public) when they drink.  There are medical studies that report that Mexican-Americans have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism.

2. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the New York Police Department significantly reduced crime by enforcing “minor” offenses which included public drunkenness which helped to reduce violent crime.

3. For six years in a row San Jose had the distinction of being selected has the Safest Big City in America. Not the other cities with “less drunk in public arrests”.

4. Mercury News did not publish any information on how the other police departments arrived at their statistics.  Are they using the exact same criteria that the San Jose Police Department does?  Is their violent crime rate higher than San Jose?  Is there a correlation? If the other police departments use sobering stations and do not count drunk in public arrestees as arrested than they would naturally have a lower arrest count. The San Jose Police Department does not have access to a sobering station.

5. What is the statistical proportion of “Hispanic” males vs. “non-Hispanic” males downtown at the times of these arrests?

6. The San Jose Police Department did have access to a sobering station in the past.  People that were taken there were allowed to sober up and offered anti-alcohol abuse materials and services and released when they sobered up.  They were not charged with drunk in public.  However many arrestees were not allowed and had to be booked into jail because of the sobering station rules that barred certain types of drunk in public arrestees from the sobering station. A few of the rules were that arrestees would be refused by the sobering station if the arrestee was a repeat offender, violent, aggressive or threatening the staff, so drunk he could not stand or appeared medically in danger.  It was my understanding that the sobering station closed because they ran out of funding.  This had nothing to do with the San Jose Police Department.

7. Just because the district attorney did not file charges of drunk in public does not mean the arrest was an illegal arrest or the person was not drunk in public.  If you do not believe me ask the district attorney’s office.

I’am a Mexican-American and I have spent most of my life living and working in the “Hispanic” part of town.  One of the major problems that reduced the quality of life for me was having to tolerate the never-ending problem of “Hispanic” public drunks in the “Hispanic” part of town.  They make life miserable for so many of my fellow “Hispanics”. I have not conducted a scientific study but I see them daily. They are in our parking lots, sidewalks, laundry rooms and businesses.  They are many times filthy, lice ridden, have defecated in their pants and urinate in public. They harass and scare fellow “Hispanic” women and children.  They scare away customers from our “Hispanic” owned businesses that are trying to make a living.  Over the years I have seen many of them arrested repeatedly for drunk in public only to be released the next day and return to the same spot drunk.  Many times these same drunks repeatedly cause the fire department, paramedics and police to respond.  They are so drunk the jail will not accept them.  They cause us to lose the services of those emergency personnel for real emergencies.  They cause highly trained police officers to be taken off the street for hours to baby-sit the drunk at the hospital until he sobers up. This means fewer officers for the “Hispanic” part of town.  Yes these “Hispanic” drunks drastically reduce the quality of life for fellow “Hispanics”.

In my opinion their suggestion to place a moratorium on arresting drunks is absurd and illegal.  Trying to create a baseless racial discrimination issue over drunk in public arrests insults the memory of real victims of racial discrimination. They would better benefit the “Hispanic” community by using their energy to address the issue of alcoholism in the “Hispanic” community.

Letter To The Editor Author Unknown, Reprint Authorized


A June jury trial date was set in San Mateo County Superior Court this morning for a man initially determined to be not competent to stand trial for allegedly shooting a cab driver to death in 2003.Lousa Mataele, 36, has been in custody since he was arrested an hour after the Sept. 13, 2003, fatal shooting of 21-year-old Davinder Singh in Redwood City, according to Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.On April 5, 2005, based on three doctors’ reports, Mataele was placed at Atascadero State Hospital in lieu of standing trial for the murder, Wagstaffe said.But in April 2008, the California Department of Mental Health found Mataele had “restored competency.” About 10 months later on Feb. 3, Judge Barbara Mallach reinstated criminal proceedings for the trial.Wagstaffe said the district attorney’s office is still looking for a motive to the shooting.”Why he fired the gun isn’t clear to us,” he said. Mataele and Singh were in Singh’s cab in Redwood City along with another passenger who did not know Mataele, when Mataele apparently tried to rob Singh as he was driving, according to Wagstaffe.Wagstaffe said it remains unclear what words were exchanged between the two, but the struggle ended when Mataele allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Singh.Singh then crashed his cab into a parked vehicle, Wagstaffe said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.The other passenger in the car was injured but survived, according to Wagstaffe.Mataele fled the area but was arrested about an hour later in Redwood City, Wagstaffe said.When he was arrested, officers allegedly found a gun in his possession that matched the bullet used to kill Singh, Wagstaffe said.Mataele remains in custody without bail. His jury trial is expected to begin June 29.

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A Merced man delayed entering pleas this afternoon in Sonoma County Superior Court in connection with a vehicle crash that critically injured his best friend and killed a Richmond man. Dylan Morse, 18, is charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated but without gross negligence, DUI and DUI with a blood/alcohol level of 0.08 percent or more, all felonies. He also is charged with misdemeanor counts of having alcohol in his vehicle and having a fake driver’s license Judge Elliot Daum set Morse’s bail at $180,000. Morse will appear in court again Feb. 26. He is being held in the Sonoma County jail. Morse, the son of Merced County District Attorney Larry D. Morse, was visiting his friend Ryne Spitzer, 19, of Merced, a Sonoma State University freshman studying business, the California Highway Patrol said.They were returning around 2:20 a.m. Saturday to SSU from Sebastopol in a 1998 Volvo on Stony Point Road near state Highway 116 when Morse failed to stop at a red light and broadsided a 1988 Honda that was driving east on Highway 116,the CHP said.Thecollision killed Alexander Ruiz, 25, of Richmond. Ruiz’s passenger, Vanessa King, 25, of Berkeley, suffered a broken arm and collarbone and facial lacerations. Spitzer suffered head injuries and Morse was not injured.Deputy District Attorney Robert Waner said he did not know Morse’s blood/alcohol level but breath test readings were 0.151 and 0.159 percent. In court this afternoon, both Waner and defense attorney Chris Andrian asked the judge to prohibit a news photographer from taking still photos of Morse to avoid publicity that might make selecting a jury in the future difficult. Daum granted the request.Daum presides over an early case resolution court that attempts to settle cases quickly through conferences with attorneys before the preliminary hearing stage. Andrian said he did not know if Morse’s case could be settled so quickly.”These cases take more time for forensic analysis,” Andrian said.The CHP said Alcoholic Beverage Control agents are investigating how Morse obtained alcohol.

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Two of three suspects arrested in connection with an alleged gang-related stabbing earlier this month are scheduled to appear Thursday in Solano County Superior Court.Juan Estrada, 20, of Suisun City was arrested Feb. 7, the day after a stabbing in the parking lot of the FoodMaxx store on North Texas Street, police said.Police arrested Antonio Barajas, 20, near the stabbing scene on Feb. 6 and arrested Efrain Ayala, 19, of Fairfield Tuesday when he fled out the back door of a home in the 400 block of Miller Court in Dixon, Sgt. Matt Bloesch said. All three suspects face attempted murder and conspiracy charges, police said.Police responded to a fight in the food store parking lot around 10:15 p.m. Feb. 6. They found a 26-year-old Fairfield man bleeding from multiple stab wounds and believe a second stabbing victim fled the scene. Police have not released the Fairfield man’s name but said he was in critical condition at a trauma center after the attack.Police said the fight was between at least five Norteno and two Sureno gang members.

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A man suspected of robbing a bank in San Leandro on Tuesday morning was arrested by Oakland police about six hours after the crime occurred, San Leandro police spokesman Lt. Pete Ballew said today.A Washington Mutual Bank at 1601 East 14th St. in San Leandro was robbed at 9:55 a.m. Tuesday by a man who presented a note demanding money, Ballew said. The teller complied and the suspect fled, according to Ballew.An image of the suspect captured by a bank surveillance camera was shown to Oakland police officers Anthony Tedesco and Dan Bruce. They recognized the man, who was known to them as Ramon Kevin McGee, a 25-year-old Hayward man who spends a lot of time in Oakland, Ballew said.The officers then spotted McGee at 100th Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and arrested him, Ballew said. “This is another example of outstanding police work done by patrol officers in the field and continued cooperative efforts between officers from the San Leandro and Oakland police departments,” Ballew said.Ballew said police are still investigating whether McGee may be responsible for other robberies. However, police have determined that McGee wasn’t responsible for a robbery at the Bank of the West at 1601 Washington Ave. in San Leandro about 10:05 a.m. on Feb. 9, Ballew said.A bank surveillance camera captured a clear photo of that suspect and McGee doesn’t resemble him, he said.Police have received some tips about the Bank of the West robbery but haven’t yet made any arrests, Ballew said.

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A Monterey County judge on Tuesday sentenced an Arroyo Seco man found guilty of molesting two children to two concurrent life terms in prison, according to the district attorney’s office.Perry Hamm, 66, rented a portion of his home to family friends between 1994 and 2001, and often provided day care for the family’s two young daughters during that time, according to a statement released by Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo. Flippo said Hamm molested the girls separately while they were in his care. One was between the ages of 6 and 11 during that period; for the other the abuse lasted from age 8 to 13.The girls told no one about the abuse until the summer of 2003, when one of them overheard her father recommending Hamm as a babysitter to a family friend, according to the district attorney’s office. The molestation was reported to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office about one year later. Hamm was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison by Judge Larry Hayes, Flippo said.

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An East Bay man was robbed and shot in East Palo Alto Tuesday evening when he showed up to buy a vehicle advertised on Craigslist, according to the police department.Officers responded to a local emergency room at about 6:50 p.m. where Alex Garcia, 22, was being treated for a gunshot wound, according to the East Palo Alto Police Department.Garcia told police he went to the 1700 block of East Bayshore Road after arranging to purchase a vehicle through the Web site Craigslist. He contacted the suspect in a parking lot and then was told to go to another at 1830 W. Bayshore Road. Police reported that while Garcia was checking out the vehicle “for sale,” three suspects with handguns confronted him and demanded $1,300 cash he had for the vehicle he thought he was going to buy.A fight ensued, during which Garcia was pistol-whipped several times and wounded when a gunshot grazed his head, according to police.Garcia told police he managed to get back to his vehicle and transport himself to an emergency room where he was treated for injuries that
were not life threatening.The suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction, according to detectives. Any witnesses to the robbery or anyone with information is asked to contact East Palo Alto Police Department Detective David Carson at (650) 853-5957.

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