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Murder-Plane Forced To Crash Mauro Valenzuela

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Wanted for killing all 110 passengers and crew onboard.

#09-040 Mauro Valenzuela

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is currently seeking Mauro Valenzuela on a federal warrant charging him with transportation of hazardous containers onboard a commercial aircraft.  He is also charged with making false statements and conspiracy.  Agents report that Valenzuela was a mechanic for SabreTech. He certified that all cabin oxygen generators had been properly removed and replaced on a ValuJet airplane. Valenzuela caused these generators to be delivered and loaded on VALUJET flight 592 without proper markings, capping, packaging and other safety measures. As a result, the flight crashed into the Florida Everglades shortly after take-off from Miami International Airport killing all 110 passengers and crew onboard. Valenzuela fled the country soon after his arraignment.  View a dramatic video reenactment of the crime and resulting disaster on YouTube here.

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