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Palo Alto Assault Suspect

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ID# 09-011 ***ARRESTED***
Suspect allegedly used his vehicle in a attempt to run over a police officer.

ID# 09-011 Palo Alto, CA


Police have identified the suspected car thief who attempted to run down Traffic Officer Brad Kilpatrick on Thursday afternoon, December 4, as Pascual Nuno MARTINEZ. Martinez also uses the aliases of Efrain or Rafael Martinez and has a birth-date listed as June 30, 1958. He is known to frequent San Jose, Gilroy and Hollister; he allegedly uses methamphetamine and has a history of fleeing from the police. During a routine traffic stop last Thursday, Martinez allegedly tried to back a stolen pickup truck over Officer Kilpatrick and his police motorcycle. He knocked Kilpatrick to the ground, causing minor injuries, and then led other officers on a pursuit through several Palo Alto residential neighborhoods. After eluding police, Martinez abandoned the stolen pickup and stole another truck from a gardener who was working in the 300 block of West Meadow Drive. That truck was later abandoned in East San Jose. Martinez may currently be driving a gold Acura Legend.  Martinez is wanted for the attempted murder of a police officer, auto theft, and a probation violation.

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Source: Palo Alto Police Press Release

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  • Wow… Pasqualy… Just can’t seem to stay out of jail. I recognized him right away from over ten years ago. How drugs make you look so old after time passes by. Guess he will gone for a long time this time. Wasn’t he just released from jail for a child moletation case??? So sad!!!

  • Have another drink buddy! He must have been drunk at the time of the attempted murder. Probably going to hide in Mexico like a big chicken.

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