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Update on Mountain View Murder Suspects

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Both suspects are on the run and now the subject of a nationwide man hunt.

ID# 08-316 & 08-317 – Mountain View, CA

UPDATE: Kenneth Thomas and Faith Thomas were arrested on 11/26/2008 in Los Angeles, CA.   See related story here.

On June 28, 2008, 24 year-old Omar Aquino and his sister, 27 year-old Maria Teresa Sanchez-Aquino, were shot to death, execution style, in their home in the 1900 block of Plymouth Ave. Maria Teresa’s 8 year-old son was asleep in a bedroom when the murders occurred and the entire house was ransacked. Since that time, MVPD detectives have arrested six suspects in connection with this case and two more are outstanding.

Fame Thomas, 15, Victoria Thompson, 20, and Nicory Spann, 18, were arrested on Aug. 21. Michael David Adams, 20, was arrested the next day. Kim Pham, 19, was arrested at Norman Mineta San Jose International Airport as she was attempting to flee California upon seeing herself on the news after a press conference held at the Mountain View Police Department. The most recent arrest was for Eric Williams, 22, on Sept. 2. Fame Thomas is being tried as an adult.

Two suspects remain outstanding – Kenneth Thomas, 20, and his sister Faith Thomas, 17. Kenneth Thomas is wanted for two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. Faith Thomas is wanted for one count of conspiracy to commit murder and will be tried as an adult once she is in custody.

After the homicides, detectives began the investigation by sorting through information obtained from the victims’ cell phones while working on other leads as well. Detectives learned through the extensive investigation that robbery had been a motive in the crime. Additionally, a list of eight suspects emerged. The suspects’ cell phones became a key factor in the investigation as they revealed incriminating text messages sent between various suspects which outlined some of the events the night of the murders.

The evidence has revealed that Fame Thomas lured Omar Aquino to the movies on June 27, while Kenneth Thomas and other suspects are believed to have met at the theater in order to follow the couple back to the Aquinos’ home. While at the movie, Fame met up with her sister, Faith, in the movie theater bathroom to discuss their plans. Suspects’ cell phones showed that the Thomas siblings texted each other throughout the night and arranged for the suspects to follow Fame and Aquino back to the victims’ home, where Maria Teresa and her son were sleeping.

Once Fame and Aquino arrived back at the home on Plymouth St., the rest of the group entered the home and took control of both victims. The group ransacked the home and are suspected of stealing electronics and other valuables. Although original court documents named Nicory Spann as the likely shooter, detectives now believe Kenneth Thomas is the main suspect. It is unclear if Maria Teresa’s son saw anything, but detectives believe he may have heard the murders occur.

After the homicides, the two outstanding Thomas siblings, Kenneth and Faith, fled the state. Detectives believe they made stops in Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. Kenneth Thomas was most recently seen outside Atlanta, Ga. with a 15-year-old runaway girl from California, who detectives suspect Thomas was pimping out as a prostitute.

The teenager’s mother, who had reported her missing, discovered where her daughter had run to via her daughter’s MySpace page. The juvenile’s mother alerted Georgia authorities who were not aware Kenneth was wanted for murder in California. Georgia authorities contacted the juvenile at the hotel they were staying at. Kenneth saw the officers coming and fled out the back door of the hotel, likely with a gun. Georgia authorities returned the 15-year-old to her parents in California but were unable to find Kenneth.

MVPD Detectives traveled to Georgia to continue their investigation with the hopes of tracking down Kenneth. While there, the detectives received information that a suspect matching Kenneth’s description had recently robbed and pistol whipped another hotel guest. In addition to that robbery, a suspect matching Kenneth’s description robbed a local Wendy’s restaurant and a Metro PCS cell phone store. Georgia law enforcement officers suspect Kenneth may have committed all three robberies, which are still under investigation.

Since the homicides, Kenneth has been swapping out his cell phones, making him difficult to track. Although Kenneth and Faith may have been travelling together at some point, detectives do not believe they are together now. Faith may be in Florida, and they both could be somewhere in the Southern United States. Kenneth has been known to travel via Greyhound buses.

Kenneth Thomas is a suspected member of the United Crip Gang and has a ‘UCG’ tattoo on his left arm. Faith Thomas is often known to color or streak her hair. Both are considered armed and dangerous.

Source: Mt. View PD Press Release.

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  • they all have been captured wtf u guys are askin where they are.. they are all locked up!!

  • Hang in there d-money. We are all thinking about you and praying for everyone involved in this tragedy.

  • I am the step mom of the 15 year old girl that was recently returned to us from Georgia. Unfortunately I need to add that she is missing again. She dissapeared on Sept 29, three days after returning from Geoergia. She disappeared in the middle of the night without taking anything with her. And to this day we have not heard from her which is very strange for her. I dont know what else to say except we are going crazy not knowing where she is. So if anyone knows anything, please let me know. THANK YOU Janetta Cintron

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