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* ARRESTED * Wanted for Murder – Otto Emile Koloto

ID # 08-299 Palo Alto, CA-

UPDATE Click Here Otto Emil Koloto Of Gilroy Found Guilty Of Murdering Philip Lacy In Downtown Palo Alto July 13, 2008


[flash http://fugitive.com/videos/2008/08299.flv w=460 h=320 mode=0 f={image=http://fugitive.com/stills/08299.gif&overstretch=true}]


Two Photographs of Alleged Murder Suspect Otto Emile Koloto

Koloto May be in hiding in Gilroy, San Jose or East Palo Alto

The Palo Alto Police Department is currently seeking Otto Emile Koloto on a 2 million dollar warrant charging him with murder. Detective Dan Ryan reports that on July 13th 2008, Koloto allegedly shot and killed 27 year old Phillip Lacy during a robbery. The Murder/Robbery occurred in front of the Palo Alto City Hall. According to police, Lacy had gone out with friends to patronize the downtown nightclubs and was standing by his car waiting for his friends when Koloto allegedly shot him in the head and killed him. Koloto is believed to be hiding out in Gilroy, San Jose or East Palo Alto.

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