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* Sex Offender San Jose California, Indecent Exposure OakRidge Mall

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ID#08-294 – San Jose, CA
This suspect followed a young male victim as he shopped at the Oakridge Mall in south San Jose.

ID#08-294 – San Jose, CA


The San Jose Police Department is asking for your help in identifying the person in this surveillance video. Detective Tanaya Rose reports that on June 22, 2008, this suspect followed a young male victim as he shopped at the Oakridge Mall in south San Jose. The suspect followed the minor into the Anchor Blue store and exposed his private parts to the minor. The suspect then fled the mall. According to witnesses, the suspect was wearing a black ankle bracelet monitor as if he was under some type of house arrest or parole or probation. Please call the Fugitive Watch Hot Line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT if you know the name of this man.

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  • Exposing your private parts to anyone is a sign of a person whose life is OUT OF CONTROL and they are seeking to shock, awe, scare, the other party. These type of crimes definately do escalate if not dealt with. Just like a peeping tom can turn into a full blown rapist, and a someone who breaks into occupied dwellings can turn into a rapist, so a flasher or someone exposes himself can escalate to more serious crimes against women or children.

    The daughter got it right. First of all the guy has issues because he drinks too much then he uses that for an excuse for his perverted behavior and she blames it on some control issues, yes thats right, these people’s lives are OUT OF CONTROL and they only “feel” good when they are controlling someone else’s life by impacting them through violence, sexual violations or some other type of boundary issue.

    I would never let my child around a predator ever, not even in my presence. There is probably alot she doesn’t know about her father and he may have done other sexual crimes that she does not know about, all the good deeds in the world don’t make up for his violating a child like that. She is living in a fantasy world because she loves her Dad and its hard to believe your dad could do something like that. Just because he did not violate her doesn’t mean he won’t violate her child. I see so much of this in my work and have caught predators myself and they come from every walk of life and some might be surprised to find out who they are. I don’t even want to say too much about Toms comments, they borderline on a pedophile trying to justify why he should be allowed access to our minor children, and that parents should not stand in the way of their children’s sexuality, at the age of 10. It makes me sick, someone ought to investigate Tom to see what type of predator he is.

  • So why isn’t everybody jumping all over “daugher of an offender” can calling her a pervert, too? She’s really saying the same thing as “Tom” did by providing a specific example. So come on, start calling her a pervert.

  • 8 years ago I would have been saying (or at least thinking) the same things that you guys are. But when I found out that my father had exposed himself to a young girl while swimming in the pool one day (after a 12 pack of beer), I started to investigate this type of behavior just so I could get a grasp on it. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I was never molested, nor was a I ever flashed by my father. When he told me that he had been convicted and put on probation, I just couldn’t believe it. My Dad is a good man, he helps others by taking food to the poor, fixing flats on the side of the road etc… He has always been a really good dad. I have spoken to his therapist and my own about this. These people are not pedofiles, they do this for some kind of control issue. It is a sickness. But society does not want to tolerate this kind of illness. I understand. I now have a 3 year old daughter. I have to be around my father and daughter at all times when we visit. I just want people to know, it is different when you are on the other side. People need to have some compassion and understand, that they don’t want to be like this. I am not saying that you shouldn’t keep your children safe, but the hatefulness is really disheartening to me. I am sure some of you are going to bash what I am saying, and I accept that. I just needed to say my peace. God bless you all…

  • Tom,
    You are one sick puppy and when they put you away, perv…you get to change your name to Slamma Sally, if you get my drift….
    So, Tom you must be on the Megans Law site which one are you? I know, why don’t you post your address??

    Seriously, the fact that this perv was wearing an ankle bracelet should be so very easy to find, unless it was ankle bracelet day at the Mall. How hard can it be to find out how many people wearing ankle bracelets were at the Mall that day and at that time???
    The technology is in place for a reason and it is not being properly used…wtf, is that all about???

  • Tom
    I have to agree with mike that you might be a pervert yourself. hell you might be the same maggot who commited that crime at the mall.
    hope they take care of you in the big house
    dont drop the soap…..

  • I agree Is he serious? I thought the same thing, this is why I have this site lets weed out all the SICK people. By the way we found out who this guy is from a viewer who saw the sketch at Santa Teresa Hospital and he is a sex offender. Thanks to someone who recognized him. I hope we can put the guy away for life. That would be at the least I hope. Ya right rehabilitation NOT

  • Tom,

    Are you serious? You’re comment borders on condoning this sick behavior. Are you a disgruntled sex offender yourself? You need help. This guy is sick and need to be locked up for good. Obviously, you don’t have any children and if you do, I pity them.

  • While I think this particular individual targeting a child is stupid, I don’t think it neccessily follows that he is a threat to children.
    I remember a kid in 3rd grade exposing his penis to me when I was in 1st grade in a school restroom. It is just one of the mysteries of human sexuality and we do not need to always assume they are potential rapists. The ankle bracelet is probable due to a similar incident and he is probably engaging in his own form of political protest.

    These laws that make people register as sex offenders are based upon the corrupt logic that such crimes are gateways into more severe crimes such as rape and child molestation.

    This is the actual argument given by legislators.

    It is a foul and insidious trend that has led to the recent rulling that such laws do not constitute punishment, the they may be enacted retroactively without running afoul of prohibitions against ex post facto punishments and even public disclosure with a most recent photograph is not consider punishment. So much for fighting the ignominious badge and stigma that will last for a life time as “cruel and unsuual” for mere harmless indescretions such as indecent exposre and lewd conduct, but with the latest rulings the legislature stand at the threshold of makeing databases of any kind of crimminal stripe from shop lifter to statutor rape convict able to be branded for life and posted on the internet, retroactively! One day, and it has already happended for misdemenor so called sex offenders, you may get a notice in the mail telling you to go down and register as an “offender” and then the public can see you, perhaps as a 40 year old man on the internet as a “thief” or statutory rapist for a crime you were convicted of 22 years ago. Way to go America!

    See the sight or for more examples of this crap.

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