Sex Crime

Child Molest San Jose California, Target Capitol Expressway

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San Jose, CA- ID #07-177


The San Jose Police Department is asking for your help in identifying the person in this police sketch. Detective Monica Vargas reports that on June 6, 2007 at about 12:30pm, this suspect approached the victim near her home and asked her for directions to Target on Capitol Expressway. The victim gave the suspect directions to get there. The suspect then offered the victim $40.00 to get into his vehicle and show him the way to Target because he would get lost. The victim voluntarily got into the suspect’s vehicle and he drove to Target. While the victim was in the vehicle, the suspect began rubbing his groin area and offered the victim $40.00 more dollars for her to show him her private parts. The victim refused and the suspect returned her to her neighborhood. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, mid 30’s with short, straight brown hair, approx. 150-160 and possibly named “Chuy.” The suspect was driving a 90’s model, 4DR, small white compact vehicle similiar to a Honda or Toyota Corolla. The rear window had a temporary registration permit with a “6” affixed to it and a child’s seat in the back. Please call the Fugitive Watch Hot Line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT if you know the name of this man.

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