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Fraud/Financial Santa Clara County California, Susanna Meza

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Mountain View, CA ID# 07-221


The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is currently seeking Susanna E. Meza on a warrant charging her with Fraud and Theft. Detective Kathleen Swineford reports that Meza and another individual obtained four checks that belonged to a citizen. The checks were washed completely of the original ink. Then Meza wrote her name and California Driver s License number on each of the three checks. The checks were forged by signing the citizen’s name and cashed by Meza and her partner. She pled guilty to two felony counts of check forgery and was placed on probation. On March 19, 2006, San Jose Police Department conducted a probation search of her home. The police located a cell phone in a shipping box that belonged to a citizen. The police contacted the owner of the cell phone, who stated that he never received the UPS delivery. Meza failed to show up in court for her probation violation hearing. On January 25, 2007,two more bail bench warrants were issued for her arrest. DOB 1/29/66

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