Sex Crime

Indecent Exposure San Jose, Spinnaker Drive

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San Jose, CA– ID #06-227


  The San Jose Police Department is asking for Fugitive Watch viewers help in identifying the man in this police sketch. Detective Gary Buhay reports that on Sept 22nd 2006 at about 3:30pm, this suspect parked his vehicle along the curb in front of the victim. As the victim walked past his vehicle he attempted to engage her in conversation. The victim looked into the vehicle and saw the suspect allegedly exposing his private parts. The victim wrote down vehicle license plate as the suspect fled the scene. The suspect in the vehicle is unknown. The vehicle license plate number is 7F46638 and the address is in the 5500 block of Spinnaker Drive in San Jose. Please call the Fugitive Watch Hot Line 1-800-9-CAUGHT, if you know the name of this man.

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