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Burglary Fry’s Electronics, Campbell California

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Campbell, CA– ID #06-221


The Campbell Police Department is asking for your help in identifying the persons in this video surveillance photograph. Detective Phil Tejero reports that on Sept. 12th 2006 at about 3:28pm, these men entered Fry’s Electronics at 600 E. Hamilton Ave. and selected several electronic game boxes and placed them into two separate shopping baskets and then placed the baskets near an emergency exit . One of these suspects then called a third suspect who was outside of the store waiting in a gray or silver Nissan pickup truck. The two suspects then quickly picked up the two baskets and ran out of the emergency exit into the waiting truck. Outside surveillance cameras showed the third suspect placing paper plates over the rear license plate of the truck while it was parked in the lot. Please call the Fugitive Watch hotline if you know the names of these men.

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