Escape United States Marshal’s, RAYMOND ABBOTT-BAERGA

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United States Marshal’s ID# 06-138


The US Marshal’s Office is currently seeking Raymond Aabbott-Baerga 38 years old on a warrant charging him with Escape. Marshal’s report that Raymond Aabbott Baerga escaped from a maximum security detention facility in Puerto Rico. Baerga was allegedly smuggling weapons, such as AR-15’s and other automatic rifles, out of Orlando, Florida and selling them in Puerto Rico. The weapons ultimately were being distributed to local gangs and drug cartels in Puerto Rico that had strong ties to groups in Colombia. Baerga was arrested in February 1992, by Bureau of Aalcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents and he pled guilty to weapons smuggling. He was scheduled to be sentenced in Federal court when he escaped, amid a hail of gunfire, from the maximum security penitentiary in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

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