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Unknown Annoying Children

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San Jose, CA September 30th, 2005–ID # 06-089


On three occasions since September 2005, a subject has followed adults and children to and from their homes and schools in North San Jose, specifically the neighborhood in the area of N. Capitol / Cropley and Landess / Morrill. The subject is on foot when he contacts the adult and child victims who are walking in his vicinity. He greets them before following them at arm’s length while mumbling incoherently until the victims run or scream. He has not touched or attempted to touch any of the victims. This suspect is described as a Black male adult, medium height/thin build, short black hair. On one occasion, he was dressed in all brown clothing and on another occasion he was dressed in all black clothing. Please call the Fugitive Watch Hotline or send a confidential email if you know the name of this suspect.

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