Violent Crime

Bank Robbery Carmel Valley California, Washington Mutual

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Carmel Valley, CA- ID #05-174


  Monterey County Sheriff Detective David Luna reports that on 8/28/05 at 2pm, this suspect entered Washington Mutual in Carmel Valley and told customers and employee’s he was robbing the bank. The suspect displayed a blue semi-auto (poss. 45 caliber) in his right hand; ordered tellers to put the daily cash tills on the counter. The suspect put money in a dark colored bag. The suspect got into a 4-door white Dodge Neon, unknown plates, driven by possibly Hispanic male. During the robbery, suspect’s mask slipped revealing a partial area of his face, indicating he was a white male, narrow faced and red, possibly sunburned. Described as young looking 20-30 years of age. He wore a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, dark sun glasses, gray flannel type mask to conceal his face, dark colored baggie pants, “Dickie” brand type and black athletic type shoes. He also wore black motorcycle type gloves or something similar with stripes running down the fingers. His voice was “mid-western”. The firearm was possibly a Colt brand 1911. Please contact the Fugitive Watch Hotline or send a confidential email if you know the name of this suspect.

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